23 Coffee and Food Pairings That Will Change Everything

November 04, 2019 3 min read

23 Coffee and Food Pairings That Will Change Everything

Wine isn’t the only thing that can be paired with food to enhance enjoyment and flavor. Did you know that coffee compliments and intensifies flavors in certain foods, as well? In fact, knowing which coffee’s partner best with which foods can totally change the way you eat.

To get you started, we’ve gathered 23 Coffee and Food Pairings that Will Change Everything. From breakfast to dessert - you’re covered all day!



scones and coffee


1. Omelets - When you have a savory food like omelets, you’ll want to pair it with bold and full flavors like those from Angelino’s Sumatra Dark.

2. Muffins - Treat yourself in the morning with a cup of Costa Rican coffee with your muffin.

3. Oatmeal - Liven up your hearty morning oatmeal with a light Nicaraguan coffee.

4. Quiche - Your savory and fluffy quiche will pair perfectly with a smooth Pacific Island coffee.

5. Pancakes - You’ll find that Angelino’s Kona Blend coffee pairs best with the sweetness of pancakes.

6. Crepes - Nothing beats a bold Colombian brew matched with sweet and airy crepes.

7. Bacon and Eggs - A bold French Roast coffee is the ideal brew to pair with this hearty All-American breakfast staple.

8. Croissants - What pairs better with the buttery flavors of a croissant than a bright and light roasted Costa Rican? Nothing. 

9. Donuts - Here we find ourselves with a great Angelino’s Donut Shop Blend pairing. Don’t eat your donut without it!

10. Cinnamon Buns - With cinnamon buns, you need a coffee that will really enhance the ooey-gooey richness. Try a Colombian or Guatemalan coffee; You’ll find the chocolate and caramel notes work perfectly.

11. Scones - Citrus scones are best paired with Ethiopian blends, and you certainly can’t go wrong in pairing a fruit scone with a complex blend from Kenya.


banana nut bread


12. Fruit - Fruits such as berries can really have their flavors enhanced with the likes of a great Kenyan coffee. Stone Fruits like plums and peaches are complimented perfectly by coffees from Tanzania.

13. Oatmeal Cookies - You won’t regret enjoying that amazing oatmeal cookie when you’re sipping a medium roast Kona blend coffee.

14. Chocolate Chip Cookies - That lovely semi-sweet flavor in your chocolate chip cookies is going to taste even more amazing when you’re sipping on a delicious espresso blend.

15. Pumpkin Bread - When fall hits, and you break out the pumpkin bread, don’t forget to have some Angelino’s Colombian Nariño coffee on hand to serve with it. Yum!

16. Banana Nut Bread - This sweet bread staple goes amazingly well with Kenyan blend coffees.


angelino's coffee with brownies and cookies


17. Flan - Your guests are absolutely going to flip when you serve them caramel flan with a side of a decadent Indonesian coffee to amp up the flavor.

18. Coffee Cake - For a lighter dessert you’ll find that a light Hawaiian Kona coffee will work best.

19. Chocolate Cake - Your amazingly rich chocolate cake deserves nothing less than an extra bold Italian Roast coffee.

20. Brownies - Brownies, especially dark chocolate, are really best when eaten with a steaming hot cup of a rich Indonesian coffee.

21. Carrot Cake - The zestiness of your carrot cake will find its balance in a bold Colombian coffee.

22. Apple Pie - Get that espresso blend ready - you’ll need to sip with that warm and tasty apple pie!

23. Cheesecake - A creamy cheesecake can only be made better by a full-bodied Sumatran blend coffee.


Looking for your next amazing coffee pairing? Angelino’s has exactly what you’re looking for. Purchase one of the variety packs and you’ll have the right coffee for every meal! We’ve even found the perfect light and bright coffee to go with tonight’s coffee cake.

We want to see your favorite coffee pairings! Show us @AngelinosCoffee, Instagram, or Facebook.

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