Flavored Coffee: Your Ultimate Enjoyment Guide

by Symphony Ragan 2 min read

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We’ve been spending a lot of time with our flavor providers lately. You'd love them– they’re flavor experts dedicated to expanding the science and technology behind bringing you the most complex, delicious, and accurate flavor profiles. They shared with us that 86% of America’s flavored coffee drinkers are preparing their drinks with cream and/or sugar! 91.2% for Millennials + iGens!

It got us thinking, maybe we could help our beloved flavor friends create even better beverages. You are your own barista after all! So we created The Ultimate Flavored Coffee Enjoyment Guide. This guide will show you which flavors pair best with each season and give you tips on how to maximize your flavor to recreate a coffee shop experience in the comfort (and budget!) of your own home.



Hearty and rich flavors make up the best of fall coffee offerings. Angelino’s rich and nutty Hazelnut Crème, perfect seasonal Pumpkin Spice and amazing Maple Glaze k-cups are just what you need on a crisp Fall morning. 


Enhance Your Drink
: Mmmm, nothing says Fall like a drizzle of caramel or maple syrup. Top with some frothed milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and you’re ready for some serious cozy time.



During the winter, coffee drinkers tend to prefer holiday-esque flavors. What’s better than curling up by the fire with a steaming cup of your favorite winter beverage? If you’re dreaming of the perfect flavors for your holiday season, look no further than Angelino’s Cinnamon Twist or Crème Brûlée k-cups.


Enhance Your Drink
: If you’re looking to put that extra bit of holiday flavor into your cup, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon as garnish. Sugar and special holiday flavored creams, like peppermint mocha and eggnog, can be added to taste.



Signs of spring mean it’s time for bright citrus and fruit and some fun caramel and chocolate flavors. Angelino’s has just the thing for you; Try our fresh and sweet Blueberry Truffle, sumptuous Caramel Crème, amazing Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, or complex and delicious Jamaican Me Crazy. The best part? All of these are great hot or iced!


Enhance Your Drink:
 If you’re looking for something extra, try foaming some milk and adding some shaved chocolate to top things off. Make those bees happy and try sweetening with honey!



Hot summer days induce desires of refreshing flavors that taste amazing hot or over ice. Our sweet and creamy Coconut Macaroon and rich and buttery French Vanilla k-cups pair beautifully with thoughts of warm summer breezes and beach days.


Enhance Your Drink:
 Add an extra twist to your summer coffee by making some ice cubes out of your favorite brew and enjoying your drink over ice. Cream and sugar can be added to taste.

Not sure which flavor you crave? Try our fan-favorites in the 24 count Variety Packs!

Still undecided? We’re always working to bring you the best coffee out there; Keep an eye out for seasonal and limited edition flavors coming soon!

What's your favorite season for coffee flavors? We want to hear from you! @AngelinosCoffee or Facebook.

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