The Wait is Over, It's Finally Here: Angelino's Chocolate Mocha

by Brooke Fryer 2 min read

The Wait is Over, It's Finally Here: Angelino's Chocolate Mocha

Our delicious mocha journey, straight to your cup.

Angelino's Chocolate Mocha with beans

Here at Angelino’s Coffee, we have a variety of different coffees and flavors available - each one chosen carefully with you, our dear customer, in mind. But, over the years, there’s been a resounding request from many of you for one flavor in particular - a chocolate mocha flavored coffee.

Coffee friends, we’ve heard you. And we’re proud to announce 2019 is the year we bring you Angelino’s Chocolate Mocha.

Independently, coffee and chocolate boast their own set of unique and complex flavors that have delighted palates throughout the world for over 2,000 years. You can trust that they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But coffee and chocolate share more than just rich histories as desirable and rich flavor profiles. In fact, they both put their own unique spin on very similar taste sensations. While this makes the two the perfect pairing, it also adds a dash of sweet complication to the process of creating the quintessential chocolate mocha.

When you think of coffee - can you imagine the smell clearly? Does the mere image of a steaming cup of coffee waft strong memories of its delicious aroma? Many experts believe that coffee’s aroma is one of its most essential qualities. This is because the distinct smell of coffee is responsible for a large portion of how your brew tastes.


cup of coffee


Milk chocolate elicits similarly robust reactions. Where coffee relies a lot on aroma, however, milk chocolate creates a veritable mouthfeel experience. Smooth, velvety, creamy - all words to describe the sweet textured experience that milk chocolate brings.

Milk chocolate bars

Some may call us picky, but we prefer “perfectionists.”

Chocolate mocha is practically synonymous with coffee, with each season offering its own unique spin on the chocolatey flavor. We’ve always wanted a delicious chocolate mocha to add to our line of coffee. But, we’ve struggled to locate the right one. This year, we decided to take things into our own hands and craft a unique chocolate mocha recipe ourselves. This process consisted of many brainstorms with our flavor lab, countless chocolate mocha tastings, and of course, locating the perfect coffee to bring everything together. We even performed a company blind taste test to get unbiased opinions on the flavors we were considering.


Cupping to taste-test coffee and find the perfect brew


Finally, we chose our exciting new flavor - Chocolate Mocha.

Our new chocolate mocha flavor can be described as sweet milk chocolate, with ribbons of smooth dairy cream notes. All entwined with a robust medium roast coffee. But, you could also just call it sweet perfection in a cup. We’re really excited for you to try it and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Order your Angelino’s Chocolate Mocha today. Then, head on over to Facebook or @angelinoscoffee and let us know what you think!

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