Why Is My Keurig Not Working? Troubleshooting Keurig Coffee Maker

by Anne Franklin 4 min read

Why Is My Keurig Not Working

We rely on machines around us to wake up, start the day, work, and unwind after. Any good day can be derailed pretty fast if even one of the machines we use in our day-to-day lets us down. 

Sometimes, there’s nothing more frustrating than a phone charger that suddenly doesn’t charge anymore or - malfunctioning Keurig, depriving us of the taste of delicious coffee first thing in the morning. 

This helpful guide will offer you some tips on how to solve your Keurig coffee maker problems in no time! 

Why Did My Keurig Stop Working?

A good place to start would be to find the root cause of the Keurig malfunction. There are quite a few potential offenders to consider.

It can range from your Keurig not brewing any coffee, not turning on, displaying a descaling light on, to the coffee maker not pumping any water from the tank, or various leakages. All of which and more can be (sometimes) easily amended if you know your way around Keurig and various Keurig issues. 

So, how to fix a Keurig coffee maker? Let’s talk about common Keurig coffee maker troubleshooting solutions to help you bring your coffee maker back to life!

Why Did My Keurig Stop Working

How To Fix a Keurig Coffee Maker? 

Keurig Doesn’t Turn On

If your coffee maker won’t turn on, here is what you do. 

  • Firstly, check if Keurig is plugged into the power socket. Seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times people forget they had unplugged their machine the night before.
  • If everything looks fine to you, you may want to tryresetting the Keurig. One way to go about it is to unplug the coffee maker from the power source for at least 30 seconds. Then press the POWER button to restart it. 
  • If the POWER button doesn’t light up immediately after pressing, try to hold it for 10 seconds.   
  • The next thing you can do to turn the Keurig on is to ensure the water reservoir is placed correctly in its slot. If there’s any misalignment, your coffee machine won’t be able to brew the coffee. 
  • In the instance where none of the above worked, you will probably need to service your machine. It’s possible that there’s an electrical issue (for example, with the thermostat), which will be better handled by professionals.

Keurig Doesn’t Brew Enough Coffee

What about when your Keurig brews small amounts of coffee, for example, only half a cup? 

  • Keurig coffee maker not working properly in this regard can be caused by the water reservoir being misaligned. Make sure the tank is in the correct position.
  • Of course, it’s also imperative to check if there’s enough water in your tank.
  • Lastly, you may be dealing with a clogged Keurig. This calls for descaling, which is not the most pleasant chore but is very important if you want to keep your faithful coffee machine up and running without issues. Check our useful guide onHow to Descale Your Keurig Coffee Machine to learn what this process entails. 

Keurig Dispenses Too Much Water

It’s quite a common issue for Keurig owners. The water keeps leaking even after the machine has finished brewing. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for that problem. 

  • Again, check if your water reservoir is correctly aligned with the coffee maker. Sometimes, the misalignment can lead to excess leaking from the machine. 
  • If the tank is positioned correctly, try resetting the machine. Turn it off, then unplug it from the power socket. Let it cool down, and remove the water reservoir. Flip the coffee maker upside down and shake it gently to remove the excess water. Lastly, plug it back in and click BREW without adding any coffee to see if the machine dispenses the correct amount of water. 
Keurig Dispenses Too Much Water

Keurig Doesn’t Heat Water Properly

There could be a few reasons why your Keurig doesn’t heat up water correctly. 

  • The first thing to check is the water pump. If there are issues with the pump, the machine might be unable to intake and heat up the correct amount of water. 
  • It’s also possible that your Keurig’s heating system experiences a malfunction. It might be due to a problem with the pump or other internal issues. 
  • Lastly, you might be dealing with clogging caused by calcium buildup or coffee ground remains. Try to descale your Keurig and see if that helps. If that doesn’t offer you good results, you might want to service your coffee machine. 

Keurig Leaks While Preheating

How to tackle the leakage while your machine is preheating the water? 

  • Once again, there could be a clog that’s responsible for it. Check the brewing needle and K-cup holder and clean them if you notice the debris buildup. 
  • The issue may also be found in the valve located at the bottom of the water tank. If it’s dirty and clogged, it may lead to leakage problems. 
  • One of the possible explanations is also that you’re dealing with a hardware malfunction. In such a case, contact Keurig customer support and follow their instructions. 
Keurig Troubleshooting

Keurig Troubleshooting - Wrap-up

And there you have it. Common Keurig problems and how to tackle them. The answer to the question “Why is my Keurig not working?” is oftentimes closer than you think. While we know just how frustrating Keurig malfunctions can be, using our tips should help you identify the problem quicker and even solve some of them in a matter of minutes. 

So, next time your coffee maker protests and refuses to prepare your favorite cup of joe, don’t hesitate to pull up this article and find your solution here! 

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Keurig, check out our other helpful articles, like -I Revamped My Keurig Coffee Station and It Looks AMAZING!, andHow To Remove Dirt and Scale From Your Keurig, where we have tons of useful tips and tricks regarding your life with Keurig. 

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We wish you the very best of luck and no problems whatsoever in your journey to the best cups of coffee in the future! 


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