I Revamped My Keurig Coffee Station and It Looks AMAZING!

by Brooke Fryer 5 min read

I Revamped My Keurig Coffee Station and It Looks AMAZING!

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After you first wake up, what’s the first thing you do? If you said MAKE COFFEE, you’d be correct. For me, I might as well have blinders on until I get to the kitchen and make my first cup of coffee. Coffee is literally the only thing that matters until I’ve finished my last sip. Which, while we are on the topic, has been so, so good lately. I discovered this small batch coffee roaster, Angelino’s, and haven’t looked back since I got one of their Experience packs delivered. The name is seriously on point – it’s a whole coffee experience with like 12 different amazing, flavored coffee selections. I digress, friends. 


For me, a morning cup of coffee is a lot more than just a hit of caffeine. It’s about the ritual of brewing the perfect cup so I can start my day off right. Because of this, cleaning up and organizing my coffee station was one of the best things I could have done to maximize my morning Zen. I have this great little corner on my kitchen counter where I keep my Keurig brewer and all of my Angelino’s coffee faves. The problem is, my corner haven is a disorganized, disheveled mess. In fact, it was such a mess that I didn’t even realize I was running out of my number one coffee, Hazelnut Crème. Fortunately, Angelino’s had my back and delivered my subscription order the very next day – thank you!!

While thankfully Angelino’s saved the day, I decided right then and there that something needed to be done. No more living in coffee madness! I knew right off the bat that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money (or any money) during the process. My little one’s birthday is right around the corner and all of my extra cash is going into perfecting this princess party I’m planning (take a look at this amazing cake inspiration I just found!). So, here’s what I did. And by the end of it, I really felt like I had taken charge of my mornings.

1) Get Your Coffee Bar Location Right

So, remember that great corner I mentioned that I keep my coffee in? Turns out, it’s not the optimal spot! While I loved my coffee corner, it also happened to be the spot that served as kind of a catch-all for everyone’s clutter. Which meant that my coffee station was constantly behind things or covered up in this paperwork or that bag. Not anymore! I decided to move all my coffee knick-knacks to the end of the counter – no more clutter!


2) Choose a Theme—Then Go with It

Just like you match your couches and rugs, your whole coffee bar ensemble matters. Aesthetically-speaking – it looks much better when you carry a theme throughout instead of mixing and matching. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go crazy! Grab a cute sugar and cream set (here’s the ADORABLE one I got for $15.99) and place matching place mat underneath your Keurig. You’ll be amazed at the difference just these changes make. 

3) Keep Your Keurig Clean

What’s the star of your coffee nook? Your coffee brewer of course! Remember to give it a good wipe down at least once a week. And, don’t forget to descale the machine every once in a while so you don’t have to experience the unfortunate incident of a broken coffee machine first thing in the A.M. This goes for ALL single-serve brewers. I’ve been there – it’s the worst. I actually had my first Keurig die on me from neglect. But you live and you learn. 

4) Display Your K-Cups Neatly

K-Cups were the main reason why my coffee station was so cluttered before I revamped it. I simply could not find a way to store them in a pleasing way. So when I saw a K-Cup spinning carousel stand (here is the one on my counter currently, and it was only $10!) that holds 24 of my favorite Angelino's pods at once, I jumped on it! That’s literally an entire box of THE BEST COFFEE EVER.


5) Pick Out Café-Quality Mugs

Next, while I still had some money in my budget, I bought new coffee mugs to replace the mismatched ones I already had in my cupboard. Of course, I’ll keep using those, but I’m displaying my new mugs on the coffee bar. I went with a classic-looking set to keep my space looking clean an organized. The best part? I got 4 new mugs AND a cute stand for only $20.99!

6) Stock Up on Your Favorite Coffee

Seriously – what’s the point of having an amazing coffee area if you don’t have the coffee to back it up? I’ll admit it now, but deny it going forward – I am forgetful. There has been more than one time where I have been met with disappointment and despair upon waking up when I realized too late that I was out of coffee. This is another reason Angelino’s has been my go-to. Seriously, just set it and forget it with their subscription plans. I keep my coffee bar stocked at-the-ready with a monthly combination of whatever my current obsession is – looking at you, Hazelnut Crème – plus, a few Variety boxes for everyone else. My coffee pods show up on time every month, and I never have to think twice about it!


7) Lastly, Set Up a Cozy Sitting Area

Finally, I placed a comfy chair next to my coffee bar so I can sip my coffee and ease into the day. I’m actually sitting here writing this in my new spot. I didn’t even need to buy anything for this mod. I just slid my favorite chair over, grabbed a cozy blanket, and settled in for a great cup of coffee. 

Seriously, this coffee station revamp has been such a lifesaver; especially lately with all the school projects my kiddos have going on (where are you sleep, my friend?!) Getting out of bed early in the morning isn’t as hard when you have something this great to look forward to.

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