Simple Guide to AeroPress Coffee Grind Size

by Anne Franklin 4 min read

Simple Guide to AeroPress Coffee Grind Size

AeroPress is a neat little device that can make some aromatic coffee magic in a matter of seconds. Quite literally, since the coffee maker was invented by Alan Adler in order to make the brewing process quick and effortless. And the results – very flavorful.

If you’re not really sure what AeroPress is, or you just bought it, and now you’re doing your research on how to properly utilize it, we’ve got your back. Here’s a little introduction you may find helpful. 

Meet AeroPress 

AeroPress coffee maker is a pressure device. It’s composed of three main parts – the plunger, the filter holder, and the chamber. By pushing the plunger down, the air pressure pushes the water down through the coffee, extracting all the goodness we need from it straight into our cup. 

There are many benefits to this coffee maker. It’s compact, easy to run, and it produces very aromatic,strong coffee.

The whole story begins with the coffee grind size.

grind size

Why Grind Size Matters?

Before we answer the question of what AeroPress grind size is the correct one, let’s quickly explain why the grind size even matters.

Those of you who are avid coffee drinkers and makers probably know just how important the grind size is. It needs to be matched with a machine we’re using. Why, you ask? 

It’s all because we want to avoid over-extraction as well as under-extraction. 


Over-extraction takes place when the water spends too much time in contact with thecoffee, which leads to the end product being too bitter. This happens when the grind is too fine for the device we’re using, preventing water from running through it in a timely manner. 


On the other hand, too coarse grounds do not stop the water for long enough, letting it pass very quickly. This usually makes thecoffee in your cup too sour and acidic, which can ruin a perfectly good morning. 

What to do to avoid over and under-extraction, then?Choosing the exact right grind size for the coffee machine you’re using is the key. 

Grind Size Scale

What is the coffee grind size scale? It’s a good place to start, as this knowledge will help you in all your coffee-brewing adventures. 

Here is a general breakdown of the coffee grind size scale. 


Extra Fine

Used for preparing espresso or Turkish coffee, which requires a powdered-like coarse.


Used to brew espresso. The consistency resembles sugar.


Appropriate to use in AeroPress. It has the consistency of table salt.


Utilized in manual drip coffee makers. Its consistency resembles sand.


Used in a French press, this grind has a consistency of sea salt.

Extra Coarse

Great for brewing cold brews. It’s similar to rock salt. 


Grind Size for AeroPress

Grind Size for AeroPress 

So, what’s the best grind for AeroPress? If you’re at the beginning of your coffee-making journey, then that would be a medium-fine grind. A proper coffee grind for AeroPress will allow the water to drip through at the most optimal rate, filling your cup with tasty, flavorful coffee that hits every time. 

However, we feel inclined to say that there’s also room for experimentation here. Many people do so, choosing their AeroPress coffee grind size more freely to produce acoffee that is a little bit stronger or a little bit more acidic.  

As you gain more experience with AeroPress, you’ll be able to modify the grind according to your specific taste. At the beginning, though, stick to the medium-fine grind, and you won’t be disappointed!       

Is AeroPress Grind the Same as Espresso?

No, theespresso grind is usually finer than the AeroPress grind. Extra fine and fine grind allows the espresso machine to extract the flavors, oils, and aromas from the coffee without risking over or under-extraction. 

For the same reason, it’s preferable to reach for medium-fine grind when you’re using AeroPress.

Can You Grind Too Fine for AeroPress?

Yes, it’s possible to grind too fine for AeroPress. This can easily lead to your coffee getting over-extracted. As a result, the coffee can become too bitter, which is why it’s beneficial to select a medium-fine grind for AeroPress.

What Is the Best Grinder for AeroPress? 

The best coffee grinder for AeroPress would be a burr grinder. It offers a more unified grind perfect for preparing a brew in an AeroPress coffee maker. A blade grinder can work as well, and it takes around 30 seconds to achieve desired grind size.

AeroPress Grind – Final Thoughts 

Making a cup of hot, aromatic coffee can be like a private celebration of life. It’s definitely a solid way to start a day. If you are a happy owner of an AeroPress coffee maker, you are now equipped with knowledge on what coffee grind is the best for this device and why. Hopefully, this will help you produce a little bit of magic in your coffee mug every single time. 

Thirsty for more? Check out our Blog, and don’t hesitate to try out some of Angelino’s mostrefined classic coffees. You won’t be able to hold off your excitement for that first cup in the morning. 


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