Different Types of Coffee Makers

by Anne Franklin 6 min read

Coffee cup and fresh beans

Well, hasn't the coffee machine world come a long way? Just one or two decades ago, the different kinds of coffee makers available were limited to a rather clunky-looking filter machine or a simple percolator, and that was pretty much all.

Espresso makers have always been available for home use, but they cost a small fortune and would take up an entire corner of the kitchen with all of their shiny levers, switches, bells, and whistles. You would need a forklift truck just to squeeze one into the kitchen and a team of engineers on standby whenever they stopped working.

In this day and age, you will notice that the various coffee machine types have gone to the next level. We are spoiled for choice, with a whole diverse range, all fitting different lifestyles and preferences. They even look quite cool these days, with a sophisticated, smartly designed charm about them.

The Complicated World of Coffee Machine Types

You would be forgiven for thinking that the abundance of different coffee makers is just a clever marketing ploy designed to dazzle and amaze. But it isn't. With so many beautifully engineered machines available, there has never been a better time to choose a coffee maker for different lifestyles, preferences, andcoffee flavors.

But while having so many different types of coffee makers is indeed a good thing, it can be a little confusing knowing which one to go for. So, what are the best types of coffee makers for your needs?

Here at Angelino's, we happen to know a few things about the best types of coffee machines, from sumptuous French press to modern cold brew coffee; it is our great pleasure to bring you this compilation.

In no particular order, let's take a look at the ten best types of coffee makers.

1) French Press

French press coffee maker

Widely adored for its simplicity and the rich, pure coffee it produces, this traditional method extracts deep flavors, offering a full-bodiedclassic coffee experience in every cup - perfect for those who appreciate the craft and taste of coffee making. 

How they work: Quite simple, really. Take some coarse ground coffee steeped in hot water, then separate with the accompanying mesh plunger to create a lovely, rich, full-bodied brew.

Who would like them:Anyone who enjoys a more robust flavor and the ritual of a hands-on brewing experience. In other words, pretty much everyone.

2) Espresso Coffee Maker


Espresso coffee machine

Another classic essential, the Espresso Coffee Maker, is a favorite for those who appreciate the rich and highly concentrated flavor profile of espresso. Capable of serving as the base for a variety of coffee drinks, it uses high pressure to extract bold and aromatic shots. A must-have for lovers of lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

How they work: Water is forced at high pressure through finely ground coffee, producing a small, potent shot of espresso with a delightful crema on top.

Who would like them: Perfect for coffee connoisseurs seeking a strong, flavor-packed brew and a staple for many other coffee beverages.

3) Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee maker

Yet another staple in many homes, the drip coffee maker is extremely common in many homes owing to its straightforward brewing process and ability to serve several cups at once. It's your go-to for reliable, comfortingdrip coffee. Very useful first thing in the morning, when time is of the essence. 

How they work: Again, pretty simple to use. Cold water is poured into a reservoir where it heats and slowly drips over coffee grounds in a filter. The coffee brews into a carafe, ready to serve. Easy and no fuss.

Who would like them: Ideal for large families or anyone needing multiple cups staggered throughout the day. Convenience and consistency are the operative words here. 

4) AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress coffee maker

Portable, convenient, and easy to use, the AeroPress is among the more modern types of coffee makers, known for its quick, flavorful, and versatile coffee making. Almost perfect for people who enjoy experimenting and savoring a strong, smooth cup with each brew, andextremely handy.

How they work: Similar to a French press, fine coffee grounds and water are steeped (just briefly) before a plunger forces the mixture through a filter. The end result? A rich, full-flavored coffee in the same ballpark as an espresso.

Who would like them: Anyone who likes their coffee when out and about. Failing that, anyone who simply appreciates a fast, customizable brewing process.

5) Single Capsule Types of Coffee Maker

Single-serve capsule coffee maker

The Single-Serve Capsule Coffee Maker is something of a modern marvel among the different types of coffee machines, enabling a quick brew through interesting, sometimes quiteexotic flavors. Perfect for busy mornings or when you need a coffee without any drama.

How they work: In a word,effortlessly. Just throw in a coffee pod and press a button. The machine quickly heats the water and then runs it through the coffee grounds in the pod.Done.

Who would like them: Those of you who value speed and variety in their coffee routine. Or, to put it another way,almost everyone. There is a reason this is such a popular choice among different coffee machines.

6) Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee maker

Out of all the different coffee makers available, the pour-over has to be one of the most enjoyable to use. Allowing more of an artisanal approach to the brewing process, it offers quite a meditative, hands-on experience that rewards patience with a cup of coffee that is clean, nuanced, and full of flavor. 

How they work: Hot water is manually (andlovingly, for some) poured over coffee grounds in a filter, allowing for a controlled and gradual brew that yields deep flavors and gorgeous aromas.

Who would like them: If you enjoy the ritual of coffee brewing and savoring each sip with a keen attention to taste and quality, any one of the pour-over coffee maker types will be a good fit for you. 

7) Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew coffee maker

The Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a distinct favorite for its smooth, rich coffee, and is among the best types of coffee makers for anyone who likes their brew chilled. They typically produce less acidic coffees, which is a bonus for many. 

How they work: Coarsely ground coffee steeps in cold water for an extended period (usually 12-24 hours) before it is filtered. Expect a more concentrated and smooth coffee as a result. 

Who would like them: Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a milder, sweeter flavor profile and the convenience of having a ready-to-drinkcold brew coffee concentrate - that said, they could be an acquired taste for some.

8) All-in-One Coffee and Espresso Maker

All in one coffee making machine

An All-in-One Coffee and Espresso Maker is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, covering all bases through a huge variety of coffee drinks - all from a single machine. Highly adaptable and quite affordable these days, also.

How they work: Ingeniously, actually. They grind beans, brew coffee,and create espresso, all customizable to your own personal preference, providing a lovely wide range of beverages from one single device. Handy? Absolutely!

Who would like them: Who wouldn't? They are great for households with diverse tastes or even just those who love experimenting. 

9) Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Grind and brew coffee maker

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers are a great choice for delivering afresh ground coffee experience worthy of your local coffee shop. Some machines even start the brewing process automatically, although most of the fun lies in the grinding of the beans. 

How they work: As the name implies, they grind the coffee beans immediately before brewing, ensuring maximum flavor and a delicious, house-filling aroma.

Who would like them: One for the coffee purists who insist on freshness and flavor with every cup.

10) Stovetop Coffee Maker

Stove top coffee pot

The Stovetop Coffee Maker, or Moka Pot, is a timeless method among different types of coffee pots, known for producing a strong and rich brew similar to that of an espresso.

How they work:Water in the bottom chamber boils and creates pressure that pushes water through coffee grounds, resulting in a concentrated coffee collected in the top chamber.

Who would like them: Anyone who likes espresso-like coffee and the classic, hands-on approach to brewing coffee.

The Angelino’s Way

There really has never been a better time to enjoymaking coffee at home. With so many different types of coffee makers available, everyone is capable of making coffeealmoston a level with the finestbaristas around. 

Assuming, of course, that you are using the best coffee beans and grinds - and that's where Angelino's has you covered. 

We offer a range of freshly roasted coffees available in various formats to suit your new coffee maker. Choose your plan and selections, manage everything from a convenient dashboard, and enjoy exclusive access and rewards.

Find your perfect coffee match withAngelino's subscription boxes, fresh, fast, and directly to your door!





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