5 Health Benefits of Dragonwell Tea

by Elisa Martinez 1 min read

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Also known as Longjing Tea, Dragonwell is China's most renowned green teas. It can only be produced in two regions, Yue Zhou and Qian Tang, and its health benefits are celebrated all over the world. The various nutrients in this excellent tea assist your body in fighting off diseases and strengthening your immune system. Not to mention that its sweet, nutty taste is delicious! 


1. Improves Circulation

Dragonwell green tea is rich in antioxidants strengthen your circulatory system. These antioxidants work to cleanse your blood, unblock blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.


2. Improves Concentration

Green tea leaves are a great coffee alternative and can help improve your alertness and concentration. The caffeine in tea releases progressively over 6 to 8 hours, giving you a balanced boost as you go about your daily tasks.


3. Calming Effect

Despite containing caffeine, green tea also has an important amino acid called L-Theanine that relaxes your mind. This powerful combination allows you to be alert and energetic while also remaining calm and relaxed.


4. Lowers Cancer Risk

Green tea antioxidants, particularly EGCG, are doubled with every cup of Dragonwell tea. This helps to fight fat buildup as well as prevents the development of tumors that may lead to cancer.


5. Brightens Your Smile

Last but not least, Dragonwell tea contains fluoride and minerals that prevent dental plaque, tooth decay, and bad breath!

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