Coffee Destinations: Guatemala

by Kelly Olszewski 1 min read

Guatemala coffee bag

Nestled in the mysterious lush forest of Central America, Guatemala was once the home of the great Mayan Empire. Their drink of choice was a bitter cocoa, but once coffee took hold, Guatemalans began embracing it with a passion. Today one of Guatemala’s most prized treasures is not only the mystifying ancient past but the rich bold taste of the Guatemalan coffee beans. They have even come up with their own special twists like Flambe Mayan, which is coffee spiced up with liquor and orange.


Where to get your cup of Joe?

Places such as Antigua, Coban, and Huehuetenango yield coffee beans with beautiful hints of complex flavors described as smoky, floral, spicy and chocolatey. Guatemala’s highest grade coffee is a hard bean of the typical and bourbon varieties.

What to do in between? 

1. Visit the ancient ruins of Tikal and set your eyes on the Jaguar Kings grandiose Temple.

2. Go back in time with the ancient buildings of the Spanish colonial period in Antigua, Guatemala. 

3. Spend a day unwinding with the beauty of Guatemala’s spellbinding Volcano front lake- Lago Atitlan.


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