The Big ‘Keurig Secret’ Shocks Coffee Lovers

June 12, 2023 3 min read

If you own a Keurig coffee maker - this will be the most important article you’ll read this year.  The classical K-Cups you’re using right now are probably not the right ones - but don’t go throwing out your Keurig coffee maker yet. With a simple ‘hack’ you can fix what’s wrong with your cup of morning coffee - the large coffee makers just don’t want you to know this because it’ll hurt their business model.

What's wrong with the K-Cups you've been using?

With typical K-Cups, you’re paying a premium price for a product that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months on end. But when it comes to good coffee, it's important that it's fresh! Coffee experts warn that the oil contained in coffee loses its flavor-giving properties after only a few weeks of storage. Drinking this old and stale coffee is like reheating a pizza in the microwave - it’s just not as good as pizza fresh out of the oven!

Keurig's K-Cups have another big problem: you’re paying for the logo on the K-Cup, not what’s in it. It’s common knowledge that large corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising - but nobody really understands what that means, or how much of your dollars aren’t going to the product you’re drinking. Up to 80% of the price of your coffee isn't going to the coffee, but into getting you to buy it. It’s like paying for a new Mustang and getting an old Ford F-Series.

Big brands spend your budget on marketing instead of ensuring the quality of your coffee

Keurig and others burn millions every year to make sure their K-Cups are everywhere and end up in your coffee machine. But there’s a simple hack to avoid the media-powered empire of corporate coffee.

You’ve been able to buy Keurig machine-compatible K-Cups from other brands for years, but most of what you find in the supermarket suffers from the same problems - high marketing budgets meaning lower quality coffee that’s been stored in supermarket warehouses for weeks or even months! Which is why 1000s of American coffee lovers are buying from smaller stores online - cutting out the middleman, the expensive marketing budgets, and the old K-Cups.

Coffee Lover Discovers Unbelievable Alternative

Right now, we’ve only seen one company manage to bring premium coffee to K-Cup users. Angelino’s Coffee, a small coffee maker in California, brings premium coffee to coffee drinkers everywhere by producing small batches of coffee, freshly packaging it into Keurig compatible Cups ready to ship out in a day's notice. By choosing premium coffee beans, and skipping the large warehouse storage - Americans can finally drink premium coffee from their Keurig coffee maker with Angelino's Coffee.

The Tides Are Turning For Quality Coffee

It appears that literally thousands of coffee drinkers are turning from big-name coffee brands to smaller quality coffee-products like Angelino's Coffee. Companies that focus on Quality can only serve a limited number of orders every week - prioritizing existing customers over new ones. If you want to try Angelino's Coffee, and secure a spot in ordering more in the future, we recommend you act sooner than later.

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