You Don’t Eat Old Vegetables - Why Do You Drink Old Coffee?

June 12, 2023 2 min read

Have you recently had a cup of coffee from your Keurig coffee maker? Then you’re one of millions of Americans consuming coffee wrong!

The truth behind coffee pods, like K-Cups, is sending shockwaves through the American coffee industry, with consumers looking for alternatives. One of the biggest problems with K-Cups is their freshness. The quality of coffee decreases as the oil in the coffee becomes dry - which can happen as early as 3 weeks after packaging. Coffee then starts losing its taste, leaving you with stale coffee.

Large Companies Know About This - And Don’t Care

Putting profit over quality has been a growing problem, and one that’s finally reached a tipping point in American coffee culture. Companies like Keurig buy up huge quantities of coffee, and store it for months on end in warehouses before you see it appear in supermarket aisles. It’s called economies of scale - and it’s great for reducing the production costs of certain products. The problem: these savings aren’t passed on to the consumer, and you’re left paying the full price for a ruined product.

There’s One Alternative Keurig Doesn’t Want You To See

You’ve been able to buy Keurig machine-compatible K-Cups from other brands for years, but most of what you find in the supermarket suffers from the same problems we’ve just mentioned.
There’s one company changing it all - based in California, Angelino’s Coffee is on a mission to change the way we enjoy coffee every morning. But what makes it different from the other coffee makers that offer K-Cup coffee pods?
Angelino’s Coffee Is On A Mission: Fresh Quality Coffee For America

Angelino's Coffee consulted food experts, taking their advice to create small-batch Keurig compatible coffee that focuses on freshness and taste. By reducing the number of Cups stored, Angelino’s Coffee manages to bring fresh coffee to your doorstep with a few simple clicks!

Right now, we’ve only seen one company manage to bring premium coffee to K-Cup users. Angelino’s Coffee, a small coffee maker in California, brings premium coffee to coffee drinkers everywhere by producing small batches of coffee, freshly packaging it into Keurig compatible Cups ready to ship out in a day's notice.

The Tides Are Turning For Quality Coffee

It appears that literally thousands of coffee drinkers are turning from big-name coffee brands to smaller quality coffee-products like Angelino's Coffee. Companies that focus on Quality can only serve a limited number of orders every week - prioritizing existing customers over new ones. If you want to try Angelino's Coffee, and secure a spot in ordering more in the future, we recommend you act sooner than later. If you’re fast, Angelino’s Coffee might still have your favorite flavor in stock.

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Angelino’s Coffee saw this article and reached out to us with an offer: If you want to try Angelino's coffee cups for Keurig machines, you will get a 15% discount on your purchase for a short time! There’s a limited number of discounted orders available, so hurry.