Grab Your Coffee, It's Back-to-School Time Again!

by Symphony Ragan 3 min read

Grab Your Coffee, It's Back-to-School Time Again!

Parents - when you think of back-to-school, what runs through your mind? All the school supplies you need to shop for? Coordinating drop-off and pick-up times in an already busy schedule? Stress? Anxiety? All of the above? 

Back-to-school can be a lot to deal with. While we're excited for our kiddos to get their learn on, there's a lot involved in helping them succeed. Not to mention, this year we're doing it all in the midst of a pandemic.

Many of us are heading into this new school year fresh off the homeschooling train and into some unknown territory as we begin to navigate our students heading back to school with new rules, new precautions, and new concerns.

Stress, consider yourself maximized.

Okay, coffee friends and parents, let's all take a collective breath. During high-stress times it can be nice to add-in a dash of extra comfort. Things like a good book, a cozy blanket, warm and fuzzy socks, and your favorite mug of coffee can help you pause and enter your happy place - even if just for a moment.

Coffee is definitely our favorite way to destress and unwind here at Angelino's. Why not gift some to yourself and those who need it this school season? Below, we'll share some of our favorite back-to-school inspired coffee (and more!) gifts for students, friends, teachers, and YOU who could use a perk-me-up.

1. Coffee Gift Basket for Your Favorite Teacher

Your kid's teachers do a lot as it is and are probably under a tremendous amount of stress this year. Why not perk them up and make their day with a coffee gift basket? Simply grab a few Variety Packs of Angelino's Coffee and place them in a cute basket. Top your gift off with a travel thermos and an inspirational quote book and they'll appreciate you all year.


2. Coffee Subscription for the Parent Who Needs It

Let's face it, with so much going on during the school year, it's easy to forget things. Don't get caught without coffee on those busy school mornings. Instead, set yourself up with an auto subscription for your favorite Angelino's Coffee. You can get coffee delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months and start or stop whenever you need to. You'll never have to worry about running out of coffee again, and you may even be able to squeeze in a few extra minutes of catch-up time with your favorite student over breakfast.

3. A Stash of Tea for Unwinding

Sometimes, it's not coffee that you need, but a mug of comforting tea instead. When it's quiet and the day's madness has calmed down, brew yourself a warm cup of herbal tea, kick your feet up, and unwind to your favorite shows or soundtrack. Even super parents need to take a break.


4. An Inspiring Mug and Bold Coffee for the Late Night Studying

Know a college student who tends to stay up late hitting the books? Show them you care with a new mug with an inspirational quote and some strong coffee to fill it with. They'll appreciate this more than you know during their next all nighter.

5. Hot Cocoa for the Kiddo that Needs a Break

After a long day of learning and focusing, sometimes all your child needs is a hug and a comforting up of hot cocoa. Grab some gourmet Angelino's Hot Cocoa, top with some marshmallows, and pull up a chair to hear about their day. One of the best things we, as parents, can do is lend an ear and give a smile.


6. Don't Forget about YOU

Okay, super parent, don't leave yourself out here. Time to treat yourself to some amazing coffee to keep yourself going all year long. Grab your favorite Angelino's coffee or tea so you'll have it on hand for those long carpool lines, late night homework sessions, and for just when you need to sit and be YOU for a moment. Did we mention you can now get Angelino's Espresso blend for Keurig® brewers? That's right! Time to take that latte to the next level.

Above all, just remember that you've got this

What's your favorite coffee-inspired way to destress during the school year? Take a pic and tag us on Instagram @AngelinosCoffee

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