Family First, Coffee Always: Behind the Scenes Look at Angelino’s Coffee

by Symphony Ragan 3 min read

Family First, Coffee Always: Behind the Scenes Look at Angelino’s Coffee

Family is a big thing with us around here, and we believe this shows in everything that we do. From where we procure our beans, to how we roast and deliver fresh coffee to our customers - a deep love of family and appreciation for superb coffee drives every single detail. And when we say family, we’re not only referring to our talented and amazing employees but also valued customers like you!

We know our business well and work hard every day to deliver a consistently superb product to our customers. But we thought it pertinent to give our customers a look behind the scenes here at Angelino’s. We believe product transparency is key and think it’s important that customers know what they’re buying and who they’re buying from when it comes to any company. Plus, we thought it’d be fun to give you a sneak peek!


Kirk cupping on-site at a coffee farm.


Sourcing Our Coffee

Coffee is truly a journey in itself, as displayed by Angelino’s nearly twenty-year history. Our founder, Kirk, developed his passion for coffee from a young age alongside his father who owned a coffee processing business. Eventually, Kirk’s passion and knowledge of coffee led to Angelino’s Coffee being born - but that’s not where the journey ends. In fact, each Angelino’s coffee blend begins its own unique journey by going through a meticulous selection process.


Kirk's dad, Vic, in the coffee farm fields checking green coffee cherries.


We believe in the concept of family from bean to brew; because of this, Angelino’s procures all coffee directly from dedicated family coffee farms located in regions throughout the world. We then have shipments of fresh green coffee beans regularly delivered straight to our warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.


Roastmaster Carlos mixing different coffees to create a blend after the individual coffees have roasted and cooled.


This Is How We Roast

Roasting is a daily thing around here. You’ll never find stale coffee with Angelino’s because we roast our coffee fresh throughout the day -- everyday. Our roastmaster, Carlos, was the company’s first hire back in 2002, and he still oversees all roasting to this day! Under Carlos’s expert guidance, each unique batch of origin coffee beans are individually roasted to maximize flavors before being blended.

Remember when we said we meticulously source our coffee beans? We even select our beans according to how we plan to roast them! All of our dark roasts, for instance, are sourced from areas close to the equator and grown in high-altitudes. We believe coffee beans grown under these conditions allow for boldness and complexity to be retained, even through darker roasting. By selecting our dark roast beans with this precision, it allows us to deliver thedeep full-bodied flavor you crave, without the unwanted bitterness. 


Freshly roasted coffee being dispensed into kcups.


Grinding, Adding Flavor, and Packaging Our Coffee

We like to finish strong. The grinding and packaging portion of our coffee process is what ensures you get a consistently robust, flavorful, and fresh product every single time. We always grind our beans at the last minute, right before they make their way into the coffee pods.

We never skimp on flavor here at Angelino’s. Following roasting, our focus is on ensuring each coffee blend’s flavor profile is exactly as it should be. For our flavored coffees, we add all-natural flavoring to craft fan-favorites like our Jamaican Me Crazy, French Vanilla, Chocolate Mocha, and more!

Adding flavor is one of the most meticulous and interesting portions of the Angelino’s process.Once the ground coffee is loaded above the k-cup conveyor belt, the machine grabs four pods at once, adds and seals filters inside, dispenses freshly ground coffee, then drops a set amount of flavoring into each cup before sealing and releasing. Each flavor has a uniquely calculated dosage amount for optimal flavor. For instance, our French Vanilla is very soft and subtle in flavor, while the Chocolate Mocha is infused with twice the amount of flavoring to give it the bold taste our customers love.


Fan-favorite, Jamaican Me Crazy, freshly sealed with gourmet coffee infused with delicious flavoring.


We use two top-of-the-line coffee pod packing machines to fill each coffee pod with an average of 75 freshly roasted and ground coffee beans. Angelino's coffee pods contain 20% more coffee than the average single-serve pod, which means you get 20% more flavor in every cup brewed.


freshly roasted coffee cooling down


Quality Control

We firmly believe that consistency is key to delivering a great product. As we bring in new batches of coffee, we sample and test to ensure our flavor profiles are maintained perfectly. We also have a strict hourly quality control routine throughout processing in our facilities where pods are weighed and tested in a water pressure vacuum before brewing to ensure a perfect seal.


We truly value our customers and appreciate the opportunity to share our love of coffee with you. Thank you for choosing Angelino’s Coffee, and welcome to the family!


Kirk and Bob enjoying a cup of coffee in the roastery.

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