Cinnamon Vanilla Italian Cappuccino

by Symphony Ragan 2 min read

Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino


Have you heard the great news? Angelino’s Coffee is now offering a cappuccino selection and a hot cocoa for a limited time!

And while we are at it, why not include some new mix ideas? I myself am a fan of different texture mixtures in my food but had never thought about mixing my coffees until one day I was handed a magical little cup that smelled like home.

Now, this drink is a mixture of our Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino and Italian Roast but if you tend to stray from a bolder coffee, then the Mocha Java is an equally amazing choice. The smells were reminiscent of my childhood. Waking up early in the morning while it was still quiet and calm to the scent from from the kitchen from a delicious mexican hot chocolate made by my mother who was awake long before the entire family. That tantalizing smell that floated into the room acted as a soothing alarm clock for me during the week before she started yelling at my elder brothers to wake up. We had some of my favorite mother-daughter moments during that half hour before the rest of the world joined us.

The first sip - amazing. A rush of memories came to me as the cinnamon vanilla taste went down.

My mother obviously did not habitually give her 8 year old daughter coffee in the mornings. I will say, though, that what made this drink great was the perfect combination of the best memories I had as a child and one of the best things I enjoy now in my adult life.

And making it is so easy!
Here’s what you need:
1 Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino Mix
1 Mocha Java

That’s it!

Step 1: Open the Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino k cup and pour it into your favorite mug. Just the mixture--don’t brew it.
Step 2: Insert the Italian Roast into the machine and brew that into the mug that you poured the Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino in.
Step 3: Give it a little stir and you’re all done!

You can experiment and mix different coffees with your cappuccinos and hot chocolate as well. I personally enjoy the Italian Roast mixture with the smooth finish.

You can, of course, brew the cappuccino mixes by themselves. This is simply another way to enjoy them.

Did you try out this recipe? What was your experience? Tell us! @AngelinosCoffee or Facebook

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