7 Things You Can Add Besides Sugar and Cream Coffee Sidekick (sometimes cream and sugar just won’t cut it)

by Brooke Fryer 2 min read

Cardamon shown to flavor coffee.


Cream and sugar could get a little boring. At times coffee lovers need something a little more exciting to bring pizazz to their daily drink. We rounded up of a few interesting selections you can try adding to your coffee.


Leaner Creamer

This creamer is the closest and healthiest alternative to the creamer most of us are already use to. Made of coconut oil, the white powder is only 10 calories a serving with only 1g of carbs and it’s sugar-free. Users says it taste just as good as a Coffee Mate creamer and gives your coffee a sweet coconut aroma.



Cardamom brings a completely different zest to your coffee. The practice of adding the spice to coffee is prominent in the Middle East, Africa, and in Ayurvedic practices. It helps neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine, so it might not be the best solution for those who drink coffee for pick-me-ups, but it sure is interesting to try.


Now the idea of adding salt to coffee might make some people grimace at the thought, but the reasoning behind it is actually quite attractive. For those who adore the taste of coffee, this add-in might be for you. Adding a pinch of salt to your coffee maximizes the flavor giving your taste buds an even greater gusto every sip.

Wooden spoon and salt


Not only is cinnamon a healthier and calorie-saving option for your cup of joe, but it also has great antioxidant properties, and can boost your immune system. Add a dash of cinnamon to your cup or borrow the Mexican style of stirring your coffee with a raw cinnamon stick.



This new trend has been popularized by the paleo movement and the Bulletproof coffee.  It is said to dramatically boost energy and cognitive skills and produce a creamy almost latte-like cup of joe. To make add a heaping tablespoon of butter to two cups of coffee and froth it with a blender or handheld device.

Butter, coffee, and coffee beans
Cocoa powder

Cocoa Powder

Everyone loves chocolate and mixing it with coffee is absolutely divine. Not only is cocoa loaded with antioxidants but it has been credited with reducing the risk of  heart disease as well as many other health benefits. Add a sprinkle or a spoonful, whatever you prefer, for that chocolatey goodness. If you are not very fond of the bitter taste of raw cocoa consider adding a sweetener, or an extract.


Vanilla / Almond Extracts

Still craving something sweet. Don’t rush back to the sugar just yet. Extracts such as vanilla extract and almond extract might be able to satisfy that sweet tooth. Add a few drops of it in your coffee for a subtly flavored coffee. Think of it as your favorite syrups.

Vanilla extract


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