Creamy Iced Coffee Recipe

We all love coffee but on hot, humid summer days a steaming cup of joe may not be on your mind. Thankfully, brewing a delicious cup of iced coffee is as simple as grabbing your Angelino's pod and pressing start.


1. Half & Half (or creamer of your choice)
2. Angelino’s Coffee Pod (dark roast or flavored coffee recommended)
3. Ice (either ice cubes or cubes of frozen coffee – get our coffee cube recipe)
4. Sweetener of choice (optional)

AngelinosBlog_IcedCoffee1 Directions:

Before you get started, make sure you have ice cubes ready to go. Check out our previous recipe on frozen coffee cubes for stronger, less diluted iced coffee.

1. Fill your cup 2/3 of the way with ice. Use less ice if you plan on letting your coffee chill first. Set aside until step 5.

2. Choose any Angelino’s single serve cup and brew it in a separate mug. We recommend a bright medium roast like Kona or one of our flavored varieties for a sweet twist.


3. Set your brewing to the 4 oz option for a more concentrated cup if you're pouring it over ice. If you're using coffee cubes, brew on the 8oz setting. 

4. Add sugar or syrup to your desired taste to the hot coffee. (optional)


5. FIRST OPTION: Let the coffee chill in the fridge for and then pour over ice.

SECOND OPTION: Pour the coffee over the ice without chilling. To start, let the coffee sit for a few minutes until it’s cool enough to drink. Next, pour the coffee very, very slowly on top of the ice. This will allow the coffee to chill as it touches the ice. The slower you pour, the colder the drink you will have.

6. Top the drink off with your preferred amount of half and half or creamer.


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