Too Much Screen Time? Entertain Your Kids With These 18 Crafty Projects.

by Symphony Ragan 3 min read

Too Much Screen Time? Entertain Your Kids With These 18 Crafty Projects.

Entertaining your kids during lockdown can be a real challenge. Boredom comes fast and often when everyone is stuck inside 24/7. And, the temptation to fill the days with screen time can be very strong.

Luckily, there are some great craft projects that you can do with the kids to spark their creativity and keep them entertained! The best part? They’re super easy and hardly require anything additional than what you probably already have at your home! Let’s get crafting!

1. Coffee Pod Ferris Wheel

Not only does this craft project look cool, it also functions as a really cool toy! Grab your used coffee pods, some cardboard, and paint. You can find easy-to-follow instructions here.

2. Paper Bag Kite

If you’re looking for a great backyard activity on a windy day, this paper bag kite craft is fun and simple. Get the tutorial here.

3. Cardboard Designs

Have some extra cardboard laying around from all those recent deliveries? Put it to good use and let the kids make some cardboard art! Grab some scissors and paint! Click here for a simple and fun guide.

4. Paper Flowers

This kid-friendly craft is perfect for spring. You won’t need much to get this paper flower craft going, and they’ll look great on your kitchen table. Get instructions here.

5. Painted Ladybug Garden Rocks

If you started a garden recently, this is the perfect way to get the kids involved and add a personal touch! Collect some smooth garden rocks and let the cuteness ensue! Follow this tutorial.

6. Cupcake Flowers

If you have some extra cupcake liners handy, the kids will have a blast making these spring-inspired flowers. Check out these super simple instructions here.


7. Construction Paper Wreath

Wreaths definitely aren’t just for fall and winter! These pretty spring construction paper wreaths are kid-friendly, simple to make, and will look great on your door! Follow this tutorial.

8. Pour and Paint Flower Pots

Definitely one of the messier craft projects, but the kids will have a blast making these uniquely painted flower pots! Check out this great how-to here.

9. Windsocks

Only 5 things needed and your kids can get started on making their own colorful windsocks! Get the seven-step instructions here.

10. Wands

Do you have some princesses and wizards in your house that could use some new wands? Here’s a great craft for them to design and make their own here!


11. Dream Catchers

Your adorable little dreamers will love making their own dream catchers. The best part about this craft idea is there are so many different ways you can craft them! Check out these 10 DIY dream catcher tutorials here.


12. DIY Lego Bird Feeder

The weather is warming and the birds are out! Get your kids involved in a great craft project by making DIY lego feeders. Here’s how.

13. Yarn Vases

If you’re looking for a cute spot to put all those paper flowers your kiddos made, try out this yarn vase craft. Simple instructions here.


14. Coffee Pod Troll Craft


Okay, these are just cute. If you’re kiddos like the Troll movies, they’ll love this fun way to upcycle your leftover coffee pods and turn them into trolls! Check out the instructions here.


15. Clothespin Airplanes

If you’re looking for a simple and fun craft project that will provide tons of entertainment, try out these clothespin airplanes with your kids. Here’s a tutorial.

16. DIY Felt Bookmarks

Your kids will love this bookmark craft to personalize their reading times. Check out this felt bookmark craft tutorial.

17. Coffee Pod Mobile

Your kids will love this upcycled coffee pod project. In just a few steps, they can create a personalized mobile to decorate their room with. Check out the steps here.


18. Pod Frog

If you’re looking for a cute springtime craft, look no further than this cute green frog craft. Your kids will adore this simple and colorful coffee pod project. Follow instructions here.

And parents, if you need some coffee to keep you fueled during all these craft projects, Angelino’s is here for you. Shop your favorite coffees here.

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