Stuck Inside? Time to Get Moving With These 8 Fitness Ideas!

by Kelly Olszewski 3 min read

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What’s your fitness routine like these days? If you're like most of us, you’re definitely spending more time than usual on the couch - no judgment here! But, finding ways to keep moving while isolating at home is essential to your health. Did you know that exercising and getting your blood flowing can even boost your immune system? That’s right!

We’ve compiled some fun and healthy ways to get moving at home. Let’s go!

1. Yoga

Yoga is one of those great fitness routines that you can do practically anywhere, anytime, and that has the added bonus of being a great stress reliever! If you’re new to yoga and have no idea where to begin, the New York Times has a great article for beginners. You can also catch a great 20 minute Yoga for Complete Beginners video on YouTube.

2. Join a YouTube Fitness Class

If you’ve been looking to join a fitness class, you’re in luck! The fitness industry was one of the hardest hit due to closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ever persistent and willing to go with the flow, however, many studios and instructors have moved their businesses online. You can find an abundance of them to try - some even for free (check out this list here)!

3. Learn to Dance

Have you always wanted to dance but never had the time? Why not take virtual dance classes? Not only is dancing fun, but it’s a great way to tone muscle and get some cardio workouts in! Not to mention, when stay-at-home orders are lifted, you’ll be ready to go out on the town and bust a move!

4. Dance Party!

If dancing sounds fun, but you’re not ready to commit to a class, why not dance it out with your loved ones? Turn up the music and dance with the kids, your spouse, or even your dog! Isolating solo? FaceTime with your friends and have a virtual dance party! Not only will dancing get the blood pumping, but it’s good for the soul.

5. Clean House

Cleaning is a great way to get moving! Cardio, interval training, and resistance training are all elements of working out that you can achieve simply by doing daily chores like cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, sweeping/mopping, or mowing the lawn. Relaxing in a clean home and after a good workout can feel really satisfying.

6. Challenge Your Friends and Family

A little friendly competition can help liven things up! Why not start a step challenge with a friend? Or, if you have a Wii lying around, you can play fun fitness games with other players. There’s also a ton of fitness apps you can download right on your smartphone that allow you to engage in friendly competitions with friends - check out this list here.

7. Hula Hoop

...or jump rope, or jump on the trampoline, bounce on a pogo stick - you get the idea! Revisit some of those fun activities from your childhood and see if you still have those skills.

8. Play With Your Pet

Is your pet isolated with you? They’d probably love to help you get some exercise! Run around in the backyard with your dog, grab a ball and play with your kitty, or burn some calories wrestling around with your new puppy. This is definitely one of our favorite (and cutest) ways to get some exercise!


However you choose to move, the crucial thing is that you do! Stay healthy, coffee friends!

How are you staying healthy during this time? Send us your pics! @AngelinosCoffee, Instagram, or Facebook

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