3 New Ways to Make Coffee

by Symphony Ragan 1 min read

Three cups of coffee

If you're looking to mix up your coffee routine, we've got just the thing - three things, actually! Check these out:

Blended with Butter

Whip a spoonful butter in a cup of coffee and you’ll have a smooth, silky, latte-like cup of joe. Not only does it taste luxurious, but it is said to give you an extra energy boost. The trick is blending a perfect amount for the best cup: too little and it will taste bland, too much and you’ll have yourself a mess of oiliness in your mouth.

Split with Tonic

Although it sounds strange, this mixture is what drinkers call a half coffee, half soda and it has been growing in popularity in coffee shops around the nation. To make the drink, brew a cup of Angleino's on your brewer's smallest setting, let it cool down, and then mix in a tonic. It's the perfect sweet and fizzy drink for hot, sunny days.

Mixed with Eggs

With origins from Scandinavia, this coffee is actually not as ghastly as it sounds. It involves cracking an egg into coffee grounds and then boiling the mixture with water for 3 minutes. This way of brewing coffee is claimed to produce a less acidic cup resulting a smoother and clearer java. Alternatively, try the Vietnamese route of egg coffee. Whisk an egg yellow with sweet condensed milk to create a bright froth. Then brew your favorite cup of Angelino's and top it with the froth.

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