Tanzania– One of the most beautiful countries in Africa.

It's really two countries Tanzania and Zanzibar, the island of spices.

Tanzania encompasses so many, beautiful, beautiful aspects of a country.

You've got the beautiful coast along the Indian Ocean, super warm waters, white beaches and all kinds of seafood that aggregate within those warm waters.

You've got the island of Zanzibar with the Old Stone City.

That's is functioning city from 500 AD with people that feel like are still functioning with this historically wealthy town in its original state.  You hop on over to the other end of the island and you experience the beautiful boutique, hotels along the coast with traditional dhows that take you on sailing trips on sunset worth of white sand beaches and the beautiful warm people within the island.

I had the opportunity to take it with my father. We took a flight connecting from Dubai to Ethiopia a small stopped Ethiopia, and we connected into Tanzania. Our trip began with Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, which was a bustling town that you could see immense growth happening in. It's an absolutely wealthy country, a rich country with natural resources, that's on the precipice of economic boom.

You saw cranes all over building high-rises right off the coast of darts along with new beautiful hotels, being built, and you have the opportunity to visit these pretty beachside small restaurants that serve you all kinds of traditional seafood dishes that have all kinds of elements from the different cultures that have come through Tanzania, whether it's the Persians, or the Arabs or the Brits that have colonized the country.

Every, it's his each of them, live leaving some footprint whether in their culture, their religion, or their foods.

As you visit Dar es Salaam, you experience this, capital city, that's bustling, but changing and from there, you take a small hopper plane or a ferry that takes you to Zanzibar, which is a trip that should never be passed.

It takes you back in time and history and gives you a view of this place and it's super wealthy period when when spices were currency and they were a massive exporter of specialty, expensive spices.

It was a period where the Arabs had colonized that region. If I'm not mistaken, the Yemen people. And it had its turbulent history but a very wealthy and transcending one.

The people of Zanzibar proud of their Swahili language and how well-spoken they are in that language itself. They hold on to their historical base. Experiencing Zanzibar on its own and experiencing the nature and the beaches as well, but a fascinating experience.

From there you take a hopper plane into Moshe, where it takes you right into the Ngorongoro crater... Where our trip destination was really for– to visit some of the most fascinating coffee producers. Coffee grows right along the volcanic cloud around it. (unclear what he says here, cloud?)

On the other side of the mountain of this volcanic soil, that grows some of the most special coffees in Tanzania.

We had an amazing experience visiting this Ngorongoro farm and selecting their beautiful coffees, but while you're there, we had a special chance to experience the migratory moment of all the animals in Tanzania, as they flock through the Ngorongoro crater and we took a safari down into the crater and experienced some of the amazing experiences.

We saw a lion hunt down a wildebeest, while the lion was eating the wildebeest, the hyenas came in to attack the lion and try to steal the wildebeest.

Getting back into the lodge that oversees the Ngorongoro crater and appreciating the sunset really feels like it takes you back in a moment of history, a moment in time and also connecting with nature.

Tanzania is one of the most special places that everyone should visit at one point in their lives.

Between connecting to history, that Zanzibar history that had a major place in its time in the 500s, to the new and transforming Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam where you see the evolution in the economic shifts that are occurring and the people trying to hold on and adjust with these times. Then taking you all into Moshe and the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater where the coffee is grown but also where you have the migration of the Big Five that can be seen during its special seasons.

The coffees of Tanzania are remarkable. It feel like a special coffee and this coffee that we're highlighting here is a peaberry. This peaberry coffee grows on this special red, volcanic soil that's absolutely amazing.

Between the trip and the experiences that we immersed in from Zanzibar all the way to Ngorongoro crater and the safaris... being able to bring back some of the nicest coffees from Tanzania right off of that Ngorongoro Crater is a profoundly special feeling for us to be able to share this experience with you through a cup of coffee.

We have some mild footage of the experience we had when we visited Tanzania and I think you'll all appreciate some of the footage and photos, but more importantly, I think you'll appreciate this beautiful, beautiful cup of coffee.

Thank you.

– Kirk




- First, note he wants this to feel like an itinerary. Let's list each main location he mentions. 

- Because of this he goes between writing about "you" and "my time there" so we should clean up the tense/perspective. 

- Any facts about colonization, years, etc. should be fact checked. 
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