REVIEW: 5 Reasons Angelino’s Has The Best Coffee Online

by Shopify API 4 min read

1. Freshness in Every Sip

Coffee can get expensive, and for the price you’re paying, the quality truly matters. We all just want the same type of freshness from our local coffee shop without the hassle of going there and spending a ridiculous amount each time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried coffee that was stale from being on the store shelves for so long. But, every time I drink my Angelino’s coffee, I get the same taste of freshness each time. The taste is absolutely superior! I recently found that they’re able to maintain this level of freshness because they ship within days of roasting the coffee!


2. Convenient & Fast Delivery, Always

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of coffee and waiting days upon days to receive your coffee order, especially when there are delays that aren’t communicated to you. I’ve struggled with that one too many times. I’ve been a loyal Angelino’s customer for several years now and I can honestly say, I feel spoiled with the convenience and fast delivery I’ve received each time!

Over the years, they’ve made a lot of adjustments to improve the customer experience for us including increasing the flexibility options for those of you looking to set up auto deliveries! I loved this feature because it’s critical to be able to make adjustments as my lifestyle changes. I have truly never been let down with their shipping process. They are prompt as ever with their deliveries and communicate if there are ever delays (which is so rare!)


3. The Best Customer Service Around

Have you ever encountered an issue with a brand and received the worst service leaving you feeling so unheard? From the long wait times just to speak to a customer rep to not receiving a genuine response at all, I’ve been through it all and it’s such a huge turn off for me. I’ve mistakenly ordered the wrong coffee from Angelino’s before, contacted them through their text messaging service and heard back almost immediately with no additional complications. When I tell you how shocked I was at how easy it was… that would be an absolute understatement. I wasn’t talking to a robot the entire time, but a real person on the other end that was simply understanding my needs and working with me. I’ve never known a customer service team to be this kind and genuine. Thank you Angelino’s for always making me feel heard and comforted! With over 1000 reviews onTrustPilot, I can’t be the only one who feels this way, see for yourself!


4. Innovative Flavors You Can't Find Anywhere Else

The only thing I hate more than bad customer service is lack of variety. Sometimes you just crave a coffee flavor and hope that you can find that somewhere, but it feels impossible. For those of you looking to try flavors you’ve never experienced before, Angelino’s is the place to get it! Their flavor specialists work hard to surprise us with new flavors every month and I haven’t been disappointed with any they’ve chosen so far. Surely, they know what they’re doing!


5. Coffees and Stories Directly From The Origin

I’ve encountered many brands that aren’t very transparent with where or how they source their coffee. It’s always led me to wonder about the ethics and quality of it all. I recently learned that the Angelino’s founder actually travels across the world in search of the best of the best, from connecting with the farmers and people at origin to doing the picking and cupping sessions with their coffees… most of all, sharing that journey with us all has been inspiring and completely eye opening in the world of coffee!

I’ve learned so much from watching the incredible docuseries he’s created and look forward to many more episodes in the future! I feel so much more connected to the coffee I drink because of it. Thank you Angelino’s for not only providing me with my delicious morning delight, but also showing me a side of coffee that I never knew before.

My coffee bar has been filled with nothing but Angelino’sCoffee since discovering it! Once you experience their coffee from your first sip to journeying with the team as they source it all, you’ll feel the same way.