I Was About To Throw My Keurig In The Trash – Then This Happened!

by Kirk Bedrossian 2 min read

About the Author:

Joan from Los Angelinos, California, is a guest writer for Angelino's and runs CoffeeMagazine.com. She combines her passion for storytelling and love of coffee to create compelling content. She is a favorite writer at Angelino's.


A Lukewarm Reception

Stacy smiled and handed me a small sample pack of Angelino's coffee K-Cups.

Try it for yourself” She said."

I took the sample pack home and tried the coffee that evening. And let me tell you, it was like a revelation. The coffee was rich, flavorful, and piping hot, exactly what I had been craving for so long. I couldn't believe it. I had found the solution to my coffee problem, and it was all thanks to my friend Stacy.

A Freshly-Ground Start

I immediately went online and ordered a few boxes of Angelino's coffee. I was a little hesitant at first, wondering if the coffee would taste as good as the sample pack. But it did. It was even better. I was hooked.

I couldn't believe I had wasted so much money on stale, bland coffee from the store when I could have been drinking Angelino's all along. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. And the best part? It was affordable. I was able to get my morning cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

I'm so glad I didn't throw my Keurig in the trash. It turns out, all I needed was a change of coffee brand. If you're having the same problem I was, I highly recommend trying Angelino's. It might just change your morning routine for the better.

In conclusion, my journey with the Keurig coffee maker was a roller coaster of emotions. I went from being thrilled with the idea of a quick and easy cup of coffee, to being disappointed with the taste and expense of store-bought K-Cups. But thanks to my friend Stacy, I was able to discover Angelino's coffee and my mornings have never been the same. It's delicious, affordable, and most importantly, it gives me the energy boost I need to tackle my day as a working mom. So, don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my Angelino's coffee!