What Your Angelino's Savings Can Buy You

July 02, 2019 2 min read

What Your Angelino's Savings Can Buy You

Americans love coffee. It’s an integral part of our mornings and one of the top ten products we spend our money on. If you’re anything like us, we’re guessing you can’t live without your beloved cup of joe. But have you ever stopped to think how much your coffee consumption is costing you? 


It turns out the average American spends more than $1000 a year on coffee. That sums up to around $40,000 after four decades. For avid drinkers of upscale coffee melanges, like the oh-so-popular hot latte or an icy frappuccino, the average annual spend spikes to over $2000.


We all love our dark cups of wake-me-up, and would never abandon them even if they may be draining our wallets. Thankfully, brewing at home can cut costs by more than half.  With single serve coffees, it’s never been faster and easier.
When compared to the king of the K-cups, Keurig (around $0.62/cup), Angelino’s saves you a comparable amount. We offer cups as low as $0.39. In addition to the bargain, our coffee is prepared and shipped to you fresh. The process that takes other companies months to do, we get it done in a matter of days.


Buying directly from a roaster, like Angelino’s, can save you hundreds a year. Saving money and drinking fresh coffee, what can be better?

Coffee Cost (1 cup a day):

Angelinos   $0.39  ($2.73 week)            ($10.92 month)            ($131.04 year)

Keurig         $0.62  ($4.34 week)            ($17.36 month)            ($206.32 year) 

Starbucks   $2.25  ($15.75 week)          ($63.00 month)            ($756 year)

Angelino's vs. Starbucks

Savings in 1 year: $625
1. A new cell phone.
2. A new DSLR camera

Savings in 10 years: $6,250
1. A 2-week family vacation
2. A motorcycle

Savings in 40 years: $25,000
1. A down payment for a house.
2. A Mazda 3, Volkswagen Jetta, or a Fiat.  A gift for your spouse or kid, or maybe just a little new sidekick for yourself!

Angelino's vs. Keurig

Savings in a year: $75
1. A concert ticket.
2. A spa treatment.

Savings in 10 years: $750
1. Flights to Europe. If you didn’t get around to it in college, now is your chance.
2. A weekend getaway.

Savings in 40 years: $3,000
1. A Vespa. You don’t have to be in Italy to take a cruise in one of these anymore. 
2. Pay off your credit card debt. The average American has almost $7,000 dollars to pay in debt. That doesn't have to be you!
3. A 2-week trip for two. Europe, the Caribbean, anywhere. Your choice!

Think of all the experiences and things you can get with a simple change in your coffee consumption. With a simple switch and smart spending, you can stay caffeinated and keep your wallet full. Not a bad trade-off at all!

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