Quarantine Spring Cleaning: Get Clean, Get Organized

by Symphony Ragan 3 min read

organized pantry

If you’re looking for a project while you’re self-isolating, getting some organization and spring cleaning done might be just the ticket.

In fact, during this stressful period, it could do wonders for your mood and health. Take a look:

  • Immunity Booster - That’s right - cleaning has been shown to help boost immune system strength. This mostly has to do with clearing your home of things that can gather dust mold, and pollutants, thus activating your allergies or other illnesses.
  • Heart Health - Did you know you burn calories while you clean? With most cleaning activities, such as vacuuming or cleaning bathrooms, your heart rate will increase and you’ll burn calories. This is a great way to get some cardio in!
  • Stress Relief - Cleaning can eliminate stress in a few different ways: allowing you to focus on a task instead of worrying about other things, promoting a calmer and more peaceful environment, and by releasing mood-boosting endorphins through physical activity.
  • Improved Habits - When things are kept clean, it’s been shown that healthier lifestyles ensue. Healthier food options are often chosen, sleep comes more regularly, and exercise routines are better maintained. 
  • Better Sleep - Speaking of sleep, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll which found that 75% of people claim to sleep better on freshly cleaned sheets. It’s also been shown that people often sleep better when they make their bed regularly, as well.
  • Mood Enhancement - Remember when we mentioned endorphins being boosted through exercise during cleaning? Turns out that clean, nice smelling, organized homes also can help boost your brain’s endorphin levels, leaving you feeling great.
  • Increased Productivity - When you’re surrounded by clutter, it can deter you from focusing and getting things done. By cleaning and decluttering, it reduces distractions and allows you to better focus on the tasks at hand.

Feeling inspired now to get some spring cleaning done? We sure are! Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Make a To-Do List

Starting the spring cleaning process off by making a to-do list first is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Otherwise, you could find yourself moving from one task to the other, without fully completing any of them.

2. Go Room-by-Room

Take things step-by-step and room-by-room. When you tackle each room individually before moving on to the next, it allows you to focus on and maximize that space's cleaning and organization. Here’s some areas to focus on in each room so you get the cleanest clean:

  • Living Room - Clean light fixtures, wash blankets, fluff and clean pillows, shampoo rugs, wipe down and vacuum upholstery, dust TV and any electronics
  • Kitchen - Clean inside of oven, organize and straighten pantry, clean behind and underneath refrigerator, wipe down and clean shelving inside fridge, wipe down cabinets
  • Bedroom - Wash sheets and pillowcases, flip or rotate mattress, straighten closet, clean light fixtures, wipe down and straighten nightstand
  • Bathroom - Thoroughly clean tub and shower (including shower liners), wipe down mirrors, pull out bath mats and wash
  • Home Office - Clean out desk drawers, wipe down computer monitors and keyboards
  • Entire Home - Clean blinds, wash windows, wipe baseboards, clean light fixtures, dust corners and ceilings, vacuum air vents
  • Outdoors - Sweep patio or deck, hose off dirt or mud, dust outdoor cobwebs, wipe down patio furniture

3. Focus on Organization, Not Decluttering

Decluttering is fantastic, but right now might not be the best time. Many places aren’t currently taking donations, and trash pick ups have limited extra pick-ups in most areas. Try instead focusing on organizing what you have, and decluttering later. Create dedicated spaces to house and organize toys, shoes, makeup, office supplies, and more.

4. Wipe Things Down

Wiping things down that don’t usually get a lot of attention can do wonders for your home. So, if you don’t get around to much else, try to at least clean surfaces. Picture frames, shelves, TVs, computer monitors, trash cans, vases, decorative items, and more will look great once they’ve gotten a good wipe-down.

5. Do What You’ve Been Putting Off

We all have them - those chores that we can’t stand and put off as long as possible. What chore have you been dreading? Maybe it’s cleaning the grout in your shower, washing your curtains, tackling the hallway closet; Whatever the task may be, now’s a great time to take a breath and tackle it. You’ll feel better when it’s done :)


And when all is said and done, don’t forget to reward yourself with a mug of your favorite Angelino’s Coffee.

How is your quarantine cleaning going? Send us pics of your newly clean and serene spaces! @AngelinosCoffee

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