Angelino's Legacy: Angel & Vic

July 14, 2022 2 min read

Angelino's Legacy: Angel & Vic

The Angelino's legacy rests on the shoulders of our founder's parents, Angel and Vic. To view the world of coffee through their eyes is to truly see and experience the beloved brew for the life changing journey that it is. From the small family-owned farms across the world to sipping your favorite brew in the quiet morning hours, coffee is life.

Everything we know about coffee, we've learned from the knowledge, passion, and inspiration carried by Angel and Vic. Through Angel's big heart and Vic's adventurous soul we've built the foundation for the Angelino's you love. 

We dedicate our two newest blends to the heart and soul of Angelino's.

 Angel's Blend

Dark Roast  •  Chocolaty  •  Complex  •  Toffee-Like Notes

At the heart of Angelino’s coffee are perfectly complementing blends, each hand selected for their individually unique flavor profiles by our founder’s mother and master flavorist, Angel. Marrying the best coffee flavors in the world to develop a perfectly balanced and delicious brew is certainly an art, and Angel is a master at her craft. As an ode to the creator of the coffees that define Angelino’s, we're excited to introduce Angel’s Blend as our premier dark roast selection. 

With this newest offering, we sought to capture the elements that compose the perfect brew for Angel -  vibrant and robust flavors, a rich and balanced body, and a smooth and satisfying finish. The Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Colombian beans in this blend are roasted to just the right level of dark, bringing forth rich caramelization and smooth dark chocolate notes that perfectly highlight the flavors of each coffee. Heaven in a cup, as Angel would say.


Vic's Blend

Medium Roast  •  Smooth  •  Bodied  •  Sweet Berry Notes

Every journey has a beginning. With Angelino’s, our coffee journey began with our founder’s father, Vic. As father and son traveled the world over the years, Vic’s love of bright and fruit-forward flavors was unflinching. For this reason, superb Kenyan coffees always caught his attention. As an ode to the traveler that discovered the flavors that inspire Angelino’s Coffee, we’re excited to introduce our premier medium roast selection, Vic’s Blend.

Vic developed a passion for different coffee origins and the cultures surrounding them throughout he and Kirk’s travels. He envisioned a coffee blend that would perfectly pair with the deep natural sweetness of his beloved Kenyan coffee to bring out a rich body and complex flavor - this is where the balanced acidity and smoothness of Colombian coffee comes in. Together, this flavorful blend of Kenyan and Colombian beans embodies a crisp sweetness and intense flavor unsurpassed by none. 


Ground & Whole Bean Coffee Available Now. 

We're proud of these blends and excited to share them with you. Each selection is crafted meticulously to bring you more than just great coffee. We hope you enjoy the story of how special these coffees are and experience a little extra joy with each and every sip.