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I Was About To Throw My Keurig In The Trash – Then This Happened!

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Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!

When I first heard about the Keurig coffee maker, I was thrilled. As a working mom, every morning is a paradox: I need coffee to function, but I don’t have time to make it. The idea of a machine that could make piping-hot coffee at the push of a button seemed like an answered prayer.

At first, the machine seemed to deliver as promised. They work just as quickly as everyone says, producing any coffee you want within seconds of pushing the button. But over time, I began to get disillusioned with the coffee it made.

A Lukewarm Reception

Like most of you, I have some very interesting conversations in the mornings - mostly before I have my morning coffee! On a morning not too long ago, the conversation started just like this:

Why does this cup taste so bland?!” I asked my husband one morning. Actually, I was probably snapping at him at the time, but in fairness, I hadn’t had any coffee yet.

A few days later, while I was trying to explain to our daughter that she couldn’t wear her Halloween costume to school because it was April, I took a sip of coffee and almost spit it into the sink right then and there.

It tasted stale. I checked the box and, although the coffee wasn’t expired as far as I could tell, it tasted like it had been sitting in a closet for years. Later, I found out that it wasn’t far from the truth: the K-Cups you buy at the store often sit on shelves for a long time before they make it to your house, going from warehouse to stockroom to shelf over a span of months. During that time, the oils that give coffee its delicious flavor evaporate, leaving you with a cup of what kinda tastes like wet socks. I tried switching brands, but every box I got at the store had the same problem.

No matter what I did, the coffee came out weak, bland, and kind of gross, and I began to think that the only solution was to go back to a drip coffee maker or a French press, neither of which I had time for on a busy weekday morning.

A Bitter Realization

The straw that broke the camel’s back, though, was when I was paying bills one day and realized, to my horror, just how much I was spending on K-Cups every month. They’d gotten more expensive so gradually I hadn’t noticed, and it had turned from a necessary morning boost into a luxury I couldn’t afford.

hat was it. I unplugged the Keurig and put it in the closet, with a half-baked idea that I might put it on Craigslist sometime to sell. A week later, I was battling serious caffeine withdrawal. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to give up coffee before, but I don’t recommend it.

My head was killing me, and I felt like I was always tired. But more than that, I missed my morning ritual of a hot cup of coffee.

Coffee With Friends

At my Tuesday spin class, my friend Stacy noticed and asked me if I was coming down with something. I explained to her that I wasn’t sick, but that I’d had to stop drinking coffee because it had gotten too expensive.

Have you tried Angelino’s?” My friend asked me and I told her "My store doesn't have that brand, just the regular stuff I've always been drinking.

My friend let out the biggest laugh and looked at me with surprise...

They’re an online brand,” she said, leaning in. “They’re all I drink now. And they’re not expensive – they are as low as $0.39 per cup!

They have over 35 flavors to choose from, delivered within five days.

That sounds good,” I admitted, “But how does it taste? The K-Cups I’ve been buying at the store just don’t taste very good.” I told her and she said “That’s what makes Angelino’s special,” she said, “They have their own roastery, and the coffee ships straight to you from them. That means it always tastes fresh! Because, well… it is fresh!

The other thought that popped into my mind was that I need a strong coffee. Not some watery, weak brew which I get when I make instant coffee brought from the local store.

I can't stand weak coffee, what's Angelino’s like?" I asked her. She said "That's because other producers skimp on the coffee in each pod and then over roast it to make up for the lack of coffee!

I had noticed the other K-Cups I had been using felt a bit lighter than expected.

Yuck!" I said. "Angelino's doesn't do that, though. You get exactly what it says on the package, and it tastes great. No tricks." Stacy replied.

In my mind, this all sounded like a scam. How could any company do all of this cheaper, better and faster than the big guys?...

It all sounds too good to be true" I said and Stacey responded "I'll tell you what, I've got some spare K-Cups in my bag because I use them at work because I don't like their coffee. Take these and give them a try!
A Freshly-Ground Start

I may have been speeding when I returned home with my two precious K-Cups in hand. I plugged the Keurig back in, and with a push of a button, the cup began to fill up.

I could tell from just the smell that this was different. As soon as it hit my nostrils that this wasn’t over-roasted, and that I was in for a treat. The first sip confirmed it - this was the best cup of coffee I’d had in ages.

Within minutes, I’d given the Keurig back its place of honor on our kitchen counter, and moments later, I was online, picking out my own sample boxes so that I could try as many different flavors as I could.

Thanks to Angelino’s, I got my morning coffee back, at a price that didn’t break the family budget. Click here for over 24 different coffees for as low as $0.39 per cup!

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Trustscore 4.8 By 1,000+ Coffee Lovers
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How fresh is Angelino's coffee?

We source, roast, and pack all of our estate coffees using the highest quality coffee beans. We sell directly to you online, cutting out the middlemen who store coffees from one warehouse to the next, until it finally reaches you. Often times coffee doesn't reach you until 3-5 months after it’s roasted. We guarantee every shipment you receive will be freshly roasted, packed and delicious.

How many cups are in a box?

For Keurig® compatible cups, each box includes 24 cups. Aluminum Nespresso® compatible capsules come in sets of 20.

Do you really love the $.39 cent option, but don’t drink enough coffee?

Many of our customers order the 12 box option to get optimal savings of $.39/cup or $.47/capsule. They set their delivery frequency to the two, or three month option, allowing them to enjoy all their coffees just in time for their next delivery. By placing larger orders less frequently, we're able to pass savings in shipping and processing costs back to you.

I don't want a recurring delivery, but want to order when I wish, can I?

Yes, absolutely! You can place a single order by choosing "One-Time Shipment" after you make your selections.

How easy is it to cancel my auto-delivery?

It's as simple as a click. Log in to your member dashboard to cancel online anytime. Your auto-delivery must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your next scheduled shipment date. You'll still have access to your member dashboard, and can log in to place one-time orders at any time.

Can I skip an order or pause my auto-delivery?

Yes, it's as simple as a click. Log in to your member dashboard and click "SKIP" or PAUSE" at any time. Changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your next scheduled shipment date.

Do I have to order the same coffees each time?

You most definitely do not. You’re able to change your coffee selections at any time and have the option of mixing and matching between our Keurig® compatible cups and Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules. Changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your next shipment date.

How do I change the coffee selections in my next auto-delivery?

All changes can be made in your member dashboard. Just click “Edit Order” to update your selections or add a one-time add-on to your upcoming order.

Can I select boxes for both my Keurig® and Nespresso® in one order?

Yes, you can mix and match any box of our single-serve coffees and espresso capsules in one bulk order. The more boxes you add, the more you save.

“I was looking for coffee pods for my single cup machine. Angelino claims it makes small batches which come to you fresher than store bought. This is my third order and so far I like them. I bought a variety pack first and having been tweaking order since then to determine what I really like. Will order again. Really like Hawaiian and Narino Decaf.”

Rose M.

“The coffee this company distributes is the very best quality I have ever consumed! I’ve been drinking coffee my whole life and only the past couple years found this brand. I have always preferred the dark roast. The flavor is smooth and delicious. My wife has had me order the flavored coffee and she enjoys those too.”

Bradley R.

“Hands down, Angelino's Pumpkin Spice is by far the BEST I have ever tasted. Along with a little bit of Pumpkin Spice creamer and my tastebuds are VERY Happy!!! Smooth, rich, delicious blend, beautifully fragrant and takes me to a place that feels like fall - my favorite time of the year. Thank you Angelino's - your Pumpkin Spice is spot ON!!! Yum!!!!!!”

Ann U.
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Trustscore 4.8 By 1,000+ Coffee Lovers