Breakfast Blend: This smooth aromatic coffee is a perfect morning pick me up.

Colombian Narino: Coming from high atop the Narino region of Colombia these are superb Colombian beans.

Kona Blend: A sweet Costa Rican blended with Nicaragua and Kona coffees making a smooth cup.

Donut Shop: The most popular Single Cup in the market, a great cup for your all day coffee.

Mocha Java: One of the most storied blends in coffee, Ethiopian, Indonesian Java and Yemen. Not flavored.

French Roast: A Sumatra blended with Nicaragua and Guatemala coffees make a nice smooth cup.

Dark Roast: A Guatemala blended with Guatemalan beans for balance and Colombian for brightness.

Italian Roast: Bold yet ideally balanced, this is our darkest cup.

Colombian Decaf: One of the best Decaf cups, using beans from the high regions of Colombia's Narino region.

French Vanilla: Sweet and creamy vanilla notes blended with the nutty aroma of rich, buttery hazelnuts..

Caramel Creme: A blend of Caramel, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla make up this wonderful flavor.

Hazelnut Creme: A rich nutty flavor of hazelnut with a hint of créme that gives it a smooth flavor.

Jamaican Me Crazy: A wonderful medley of tastes including Caramel, Vanilla, Rum and Chocolate

Cinnamon Twist: Sweet, brown bakery cinnamon flavor swirled with lightly toasted hazelnuts.

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