How to Brew a Perfect Cup

There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping a warm freshly roasted cup of joe, but sometimes your coffee doesn't come out exactly as expected. Here are some tips to follow when brewing your Angelino’s pods to guarantee you get a perfect cup every time.

  • Store your pods in a dry dark area.
    Our single serve cups are packaged with special vacuum technology, which allows them to stay fresh longer. It's still best to always make sure to keep you cups dry and out of intense light to ensure maxmimum freshness.

  • Start with 8-ounces.
    To ensure optimum flavor start with brewing your cups on the 8-ounce setting on your machine. If you find your coffee too strong, brew on a larger ounce setting. Not finding it strong enough? Try brewing at a 6-ounce setting.

  • Use filtered water.
    This may not seem like a crucial step, but many say the water used to brew your coffee has a significant effect on the coffee’s flavor. Certain minerals found in tap water may be the reason for unsatisfying taste. Therefore, it's best to play it safe and always brew your coffee with filtered water.

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