I got shamed by my friends for drinking Keurig… then they told me this!

March 04, 2022 4 min read

I got shamed by my friends for drinking Keurig… then they told me this!

My girlfriends and I have a tradition of catching up for brunch every month since we were in college. I’ve always looked forward to the end of each month as it’s a chance to see all my favorite people in one place and to really forget about any problems in my life.

No judgement, no problems, just fun, laughter, cocktails and good times.

That was, until the last time we caught up just a few weeks ago because something happened which rocked my world but also changed my life for the better!

The comment...

Last time we caught up at a local cafe, we got to talking about life as we normally do and after a few cocktails, the comments tend to start flowing. Nothing unusual there. These catch-ups are normally a way for us all to get our frustrations out have a laugh about them.

As we ordered coffee’s for the group towards the end of lunch though, one of my best friends made a comment about the coffee as she sipped her cup. She said “Ah, that’s a great cup of coffee. Not like that Keurig stuff you still drink, Bobbi!”

I was shocked. I spat my coffee out on the table and had a bit of a laugh but then said “What do you mean? What’s wrong with my coffee?”

To which the entire group replied in an almost perfect harmony “You drink that Keurig rubbish.”and added “We’ve been too scared to tell you how bad it is when we pop over to your house for a coffee”

I was genuinely in shock. “What do you mean? It’s perfectly good coffee!” I said, and they replied “Well, it’s stale, lacks flavor and pretty much is undrinkable!”and they added "We didn't have the heart to tell you but we always comment to each other about your coffee when we pop over"

I added “Surely not!” and I started to tear up a little bit. Had I been serving my friends bad coffee for 10 years without knowing it? How could this be?

So I replied “Well, since you’re the coffee experts, what do you all drink at home then?!” as I pouted and tried not to act upset.

The Revelation

It was just then that one of my best friends leaned over and whispered in my ear something I will never forget.

She leaned over and said to me “There’s nothing wrong with a Keurig machine, but the coffee pods that come from Keurig are the issue.”

I said “What do you mean?... I thought Keurig machines only let you use their own cups!?” to which she replied “For about the last 10 years, there have been other companies making cups that work with your Keurig machine!”

A little light bulb went off in my head and I said “So I can buy other coffee and use it in my Keurig machine?” to which she said “Absolutely you can. I use Angelino’s Coffee in mine and I’ve never been happier!”

“What the hell is Angelino’s?”I said and she told me something I will never forget “It’s a family owned coffee company that sources their own beans direct from the growers, they roast their own blends freshly and they deliver straight to your door.”

I got on my phone and pulled up the Angelino’s website and looked through the selection. I said to my friend “Hang on, there are dozens of flavors here on the site? These all work with my Keurig machine??” and she said “Yep, every single one of them!”

I was again shocked, but given we were in the middle of brunch still, It took me about 2 minutes to order an experience pack and I then put my phone down and went back to brunch feeling a little bit better about life.

A week later a box turned up at my doorstep

I had almost forgotten about making the order a few weeks before - It could have been all the cocktails - but when It arrived, all of the memories came flooding back in.

I quickly got the box, opened it up and put the first cup in my machine and pressed the button to brew myself a cup.

I watched the silky coffee flow out of the machine. Even the look of the brew was somehow shinier and darker. This was a good start.

I walked up and grabbed the cup off the machine and smelt it and just then my husband walked in and said “Jeeze, that smells nice. Is that your normal brew?” to which I replied “Nope, this just arrived fresh and I’m about to have my first sip”

He stood there and watched me take my first sip and saw my face light up. I said to him “You have to taste this!” and he grabbed the cup out of my hand and took a big sip then he said “What the hell is that? It tastes nothing like the regular coffee you drink. It’s like it’s from a cafe!” and I replied “It’s this company Angelino’s my friend told me about and all their cups work with our Keurig machine!”

He stood there and said to me “Well, let’s throw that other rubbish out and get some more of this.”and I just nodded and agreed with him and said “I’m so glad my friends shamed me about my coffee last week. I guess, good friends should always tell you the truth whether you like it or not!”

My husband laughed and said “Well, whatever happened, I love our new coffee so thank them for that… “ and he smirked to which I said “What’s the smirk for?”

He said “The best ideas always come when you’re out having fun. So never stop having fun!” and I laughed with him and said "I love those girls!"then added "And I love Angelino's coffee!"