What To Brew With Your Nespresso® Original Brewer

August 04, 2021 3 min read

What To Brew With Your Nespresso® Original Brewer

Did you know that espresso is one of the most commonly used bases for the majority of the specialty coffee drinks you order at coffee shops? The good news is, you can easily make those same tasty drinks you love, right at home using your Nespresso® Original machine. With Angelino’s premium aluminum capsules and a little guidance and creativity in your recipes, you’ll become your own barista in no time! 

Get your Nespresso® Original brewer and milk frother ready, it’s time to test your barista skills with our new espresso blends! Try one of each with our 80ct Variety Bundle here

*Please note: These recipes use our Nespresso® compatible capsules which cannot be used in Keurig® brewers. Though we recommend only creating these beverages with espresso, you can try substituting the coffee base in these recipes with a very small and strong brew of our French Roast or Italian Roast cups in your Keurig®.

Single Espresso

For the coffee purists. When you brew espresso, you essentially yield a small, very concentrated portion called a “shot” per capsule. This is a standard portion in many common delicious espresso drinks you know today. 


Espresso with a dollop of foamy milk. The creamy dairy notes cut the espresso's acidity, making it much smoother than a stand alone shot of espresso. It’s a much smaller portion, making it easy and quick to drink. *Not to be confused with the Starbucks version of a macchiato which includes a full glass of milk, additional syrup and caramel sauce for a sweeter finish.

Iced Doppio

Also known as a double shot of espresso. Simple and straight to the point! Brew over some ice, a splash of milk or creamer and voilá! You’ve whipped yourself up a bold, strong espresso meant for instant enjoyment. 


Consisting of equal parts espresso and steamed milk, cortados contain minimal foam on top compared to other espresso beverages. This one’s for the coffee lovers looking for a jolt of caffeine without all the extra calories like a latte.


Truly the perfect balance between creamy, foamed milk and intense espresso! Distinctly layered starting with 1-2 shots of espresso, warm milk, then a layer of foam that gives it a very velvety textured appearance. This will be your go-to for sipping and chatting with a friend! Channel your inner crafty skills by adding a little art on top using your steamed milk!Pro tip: Use an all-in-one electric milk frother to get quality frothed milk at the perfect temperature every time.


This one’s a classic and definitely a favorite! The aroma and silkiness of a latte makes the best comfort drink for any time of day. It is easily customizable, there’s a recipe for every season!Because of its larger size and diluted espresso, lattes are best known for their multitude of flavors. Pro tip: Fill your glass with your favorite sweetened flavor before brewing espresso directly into it - this helps melt and blend the flavors together creating such a delicious drink! *chefs kiss* 


Espresso that lasts a little longer! This process includes diluting the potent brew with hot water to smooth the bitterness in taste. This creates a slightly larger cup size portion than a regular espresso drink. Think black coffee, but bolder!

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