Keurig® vs Nespresso®: What's the difference?

July 18, 2021 3 min read

Keurig® vs Nespresso®: What's the difference?

These two well known brewers, each with their own unique offerings, are loved by coffee drinkers all over the world. Depending on your preferred cup of coffee, both brewers produce exquisite and unique tastes for any occasion. 

To truly understand the difference between the two, let’s start with examining the pods themselves. Keurig® coffee pods produce full servings of coffee. Single serve coffee brewers create the perfect cup to last longer. Nespresso® aluminum capsules produce a more concentrated shot of espresso that results in a stronger flavor with a layer of foamy crema on top. Most coffee connoisseurs will brew espresso for cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and ristrettos. 


The common question that surrounds these two brewers is whether Keurig® and Nespresso® pods are interchangeable. While they both have the same common goal in producing delicious coffee instantly, these pods are not interchangeable at all. Simply put, Keurig® and Nespresso® brewing systems require different pods to brew. Our Keurig® compatible cups specifically brew single-serve coffees only using a Keurig® brewing system. Our new espresso blends are designed to brew espresso using Nespresso® Original lines and will not work with Nespresso® Vertuo machines. 

Keurig® & Single Serve Coffee

The Keurig® is designed to brew a single cup beverage in a fast and convenient way. You get a nice cup of coffee in 1 to 3 minutes at most and you get to decide between various cup sizes. Our Keurig® compatible cups are air-tight sealed, keeping the coffee grounds fresh. We roast daily, sealing each coffee cup within days of shipping your order for optimal freshness. Pressurized hot water will flow through the cup at the most ideal temperature, bringing you anywhere between 4-16 oz of tastiness. This is a popular option for those that enjoy sipping their coffee throughout the morning. 

Keurig® machines are ideal for households that have different types of coffee drinkers. Fortunately, these machines can brew everything from regular coffee, flavored coffee, tea, hot cocoa and sweet cappuccinos. Because of the brewer’s versatility, we are able to offer our customers a variety of coffees, teas and specialty drinks to accommodate each person’s taste. 


Nespresso® & Shots of Espresso

Nespresso© brings the art of espresso as we know it, to the home for a convenient, affordable café experience. What gives espresso its appeal is the intricate layers brewed in one exceptional cup of coffee. First, it is brewed by forcing out a small amount of high pressure boiling water through the aluminum capsule. This creates a signature crema top layer that reels in many coffee lovers. This method of brewing creates a much thicker consistency than a normal brew of coffee. You’ll find that the best capsules are sealed shut with aluminum keeping the freshness of the coffee intact. 

If you’re a coffee connoisseur cutting down on your visits to the local coffee shop, you ought to try brewing our premium estate coffees compatible with your Nespresso© Original machines. You can effortlessly enjoy your macchiato, latte or cappuccino with consistent freshness and rich flavor in every single brew.

Which is better?

There’s simply no exact answer to this because both brewers produce coffee at a speed and cost you can’t get anywhere else. Your preference is dependent on your mood, taste, and desired strength. If you’re a coffee purist, you may enjoy the outcome of an espresso rather than a single serve cup of coffee. If you’re simply looking for a boost to your mornings while being busy and on-the-go quite often, a single-serve brew would be fitting for your lifestyle. 

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Legal Disclaimer: Angelino's and its products are not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, approved nor licensed by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. or Nespresso USA Inc. K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain Inc. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. Angelino’s single-serve cups are compatible with Keurig® machines. Angelino’s espresso aluminum capsules are compatible with Nespresso® Original machines and will not work with Nespresso® Vertuo.