Give the Gift of Delicious: Your 2019 Coffee-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

December 09, 2019 2 min read

Give the Gift of Delicious: Your 2019 Coffee-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

Aren’t the holidays great? Getting together with family and friends, sharing holiday meals, finding the perfect gifts to give your loved ones - so many things to love! Speaking of gift-giving, this time of year provides the ideal excuse to buy the coffee lover in your life the perfect present!

When it comes to coffee-related presents, there’s no shortage of things to choose from - which can make selecting the right gift overwhelming and stressful. Don’t worry - we’re here to help make things easy. Give the gift of delicious to your loved ones this holiday season with the 2019 coffee-inspired holiday gift guide! 


For Your Mom: Automated Coffee Delivery

coffee and a christmas carol book


Mom does a lot. Thank her this holiday with a gift to simplify her life and brighten her morning - automated Angelino’s coffee delivery! With medium roasts, dark roasts, flavored coffees, or a mix of everything - you’re sure to find something she’ll love! You can even set the delivery frequency to match her needs - Every 1, 2, or 3 months and skip when you need to! We think she’ll like this a lot better than a fruit of the month club.

For Your Dad: The Java Log

the java log


For the dad that loves a good fire around the holidays, there’s nothing better suited than the Java-Log. While using recycled coffee grounds, this log is touted to burn longer (up to 4 hours) and hotter than traditional fire logs - Plus, it smells incredible!

For Your Siblings: K-Cup Storage

woman holding a present in front of a christmas tree


If your siblings coffee enthusiasts and regular k-cup users, they’ll definitely appreciate a unique and stylish storage gift. Luckily, there are some ultra-fabulous k-cup storage solutions on Etsy. Not only will you be supporting a small business with this gift, but your brother or sister will be thanking you every morning when they’re greeted by a more organized coffee station.


For Your Spouse: Travel Mug

person pouring coffee from mug

If you have a busy spouse who’s always on the go, a travel mug is going to be just the thing. Being able to brew their favorite Angelino’s k-cup into a convenient thermos or compact tumbler before running out the door is sure to make any hectic schedule go just a little bit smoother.


For Your Boss: The Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

self stirring coffee mug


If your boss enjoys coffee at the office, giving the gift of no longer searching for a spoon is a beautiful thing! Can you believe we live in a world where a self-stirring coffee mug exists? Simply pour in your cream and sugar, press the button, and voila - perfectly stirred coffee! You’ll definitely score brownie points with this gift.

For the Kids: Gourmet Hot Cocoa

2 hot cocoa glasses with marshmallows

What can be better than enjoying an amazing cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning with your kids? Give them the gift of gourmet Angelino’s Hot Cocoa K-Cups this season, so they can sip on something warm and wonderful while you make holiday memories.


For You

person pouring cream into coffee drink

Don’t forget yourself this holiday - You deserve something special, too! Skip the Starbucks drive-thru and instead, give yourself the gift of a fantastic Angelino’s Flavored Coffee Variety Pack. We even have some delicious adult coffee beverage recipes you can whip up and enjoy!


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