Coffee + Chocolate = A Match Made in Heaven

by Brooke Fryer 3 min read

Coffee + Chocolate = A Match Made in Heaven

The road to the existence of the rich and mocha enjoyed today is a long one. It encompasses the separate journeys of two distinct flavors and is characterized by the joining of them together in a match made in heaven. We’re talking about coffee and chocolate.

Recently, we’ve announced that Angelino’s has a new Chocolate Mocha. We’re pretty proud of this step and what it means for our customers. Since we’re in the celebratory mood, we thought it’d be a fun nod to all we love about the flavors that made our delicious Chocolate Mocha possible by sharing some fun facts.



Somewhere along the way, coffee and chocolate
were combined and a truly divine drink was born.



coffee cherries in hand


Dating back to 15th century Ethiopia, coffee is one of the oldest and most revered drinks in history. Spanning hundreds of years and traveling across continents, coffee’s tale truly knows no borders and firmly planted in our culture. Drink up these exciting facts about the brown brew:

  • While there’s evidence of coffee drinking beginning in the 15th century, various legends place coffee consumption to the 9th century or earlier. In one of these legends, goat herders first started drinking coffee after they noticed the energizing effects it had on their goats.
  • There are various theories as to where coffee got its name. One of the most well-believed theories is that it was named after its believed birthplace, Kaffa Province in Ethiopia.
  • Each day, American coffee drinkers consume over 400 million cups of coffee. This equals an impressive 146 billion cups of coffee consumed every year!
  • The only place coffee is grown in the United States is Hawaii. Coffee grows best in tropical climates and in fertile soil, making Hawaii a perfect location for the crop.
  • Coffee comes second in trade worldwide - surpassed only by crude oil.


broken pieces of dark chocolate


Chocolate has been around a long time. While no one knows when chocolate made its very first appearance, Signs of its use have been discovered as far back as 1400 B.C. in Honduras. In bean, liquid, or powdered form, chocolate has definitely made an impression throughout the world. Savor some of these bittersweet facts:

  • The Aztecs believed cacao seeds were literally a gift from the gods. They would drink fermented chocolate beverages that were believed to give the consumer strength.
  • Sugar was not added to chocolate until its arrival in Spain in the 16th century. Before this, it was enjoyed in its natural bittersweet form.
  • The tree that grows the beloved cocoa beans is named Theobroma Cacao, which translates to “food of the gods.”
  • In the United States alone, 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed each year. This is almost half of the world’s entire supply of chocolate!
  • Today, West Africa is the largest producer of cocoa - an impressive 70% of the world’s supply.




While no one knows exactly who’s responsible or when the popular chocolate mocha coffee drink was born, we’re certainly glad these two incredible flavors collided. Flavored coffee becomes more popular with each year, with mocha maintaining its position as a top-ranking flavor and making an appearance in each season.

Angelino's Chocolate Mocha cup with beans


With its sweet milk chocolate and ribbons of smooth dairy cream notes, we’re confident that Angelino’s Chocolate Mocha will hold its place in your cup - making life that much sweeter.

Have you tried Angelino’s new Chocolate Mocha? We’d love to hear what you think! Let us know@angelinoscoffee.


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