Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day With This Tasty Spiked Recipe!

January 23, 2020 2 min read

Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day With This Tasty Spiked Recipe!

Over the years, several versions of the origin of Irish Coffee have been given. In one origin story, it’s told that an airbase restaurant head chef in Ireland, Joe Sheridan, began adding whiskey to the coffee being given to passengers. In another tale, a San Francisco Chronicle travel writer, Stanton Delaplane, is claimed to have introduced the concept of Irish Coffee to the United States following drinking it at an airport in Ireland.

Wherever Irish Coffee originated from, we’re sure glad it exists to be enjoyed today.

Today, Irish Coffee is one of the most well-known (and loved) drinks served in restaurants, bars, and homes worldwide. Any drink consisting of coffee, whiskey, cream, and sugar was bound to become a favorite. We’re certainly not surprised that it has an entire day dedicated to it here in the U.S. - National Irish Coffee Day! To celebrate, we wanted to share a simple and delicious Irish Coffee recipe you can make right at home. Just follow the recipe below and you could be sipping on your own smooth and creamy coffee in minutes!



  1. Lightly whip heavy cream with an electric mixer or whisk just until it begins to form peaks. Avoid over-whipping.
  2. Brew your Angelino’s Dark Roast coffee into your favorite large mug.
  3. Stir in brown sugar until dissolved.
  4. Add in your favorite Irish whiskey and stir well.
  5. Top with lightly whipped heavy cream.
  6. Sip and enjoy!

Makes one serving.


Irish coffee


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