5 Health Benefits of Dragonwell Tea

Also known as Longjing Tea, Dragonwell is China's most renowned green teas. It can only be produced in two regions, Yue Zhou and Qian Tang, and its health benefits are celebrated all over the world. The various nutrients in this excellent tea assist your body in fighting off diseases and strengthening your immune system. Not to mention that its sweet, nutty taste is delicious! 

Coffee Destinations: El  Salvador

Travel is a wanderer’s way to escape the mundane – a way to explore the world, meet diverse faces, and most exhilarating of all, taste exciting new flavors.  El Salvador is flocked with pristine beaches and warm weather, but the real prize is the coffee. Salvadoran coffee farmers pride themselves for their Green Coffee specialty with varieties that include bourbon, pacas, and pacamara. They are also known for their highly guaraded, secret techniques of creating characteristic flavors that have been passed down for generations.

Where to get your cup of Joe?


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