3 New Ways to Make Coffee

Blended with Butter
Whip a spoonful butter in a cup of coffee and you’ll have a smooth, silky, latte-like cup of joe. Not only does it taste luxurious, but it is said to give you an extra energy boost. The trick is blending a perfect amount for the best cup: too little and it will taste bland, too much and you’ll have yourself a mess of oiliness in your mouth.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup

There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping a warm freshly roasted cup of joe, but sometimes your coffee doesn't come out exactly as expected. Here are some tips to follow when brewing your Angelino’s pods to guarantee you get a perfect cup every time.

  • Store your pods in a dry dark area.
    Our single serve cups are packaged with special vacuum technology, which allows them to stay fresh longer. It's still best to always make sure to keep you cups dry and out of intense light to ensure maxmimum freshness.

6 DIY Coffee-Based Beauty Recipes

The benefits of coffee go way beyond bright mornings and mid-day energy boosts. In addition to many outstanding health benefits, it turns out coffee has some amazing beautifying properties too. Here we've rounded up our favorite DIY coffee-based beauty recipes.

1. Eye Depuffing Treatment

Had a late night? In addition to waking the body and mind, your morning cup of joe can offer a quick fix for those dark bags around your eyes. You see, coffee can shrink blood vessels and remove water content, successfully depuffing the eye area.

How to do it:

Coffee History 101

The Coffee Cherry

For most of us, the first image conjured in our head when anyone mentions coffee is the small brown bean. However, coffee is actually a seed and comes from a bright red berry, called the coffee cherry. Often squeezed into a juice, the flesh of a coffee cherry is surprisingly good and has a melon-like sweetness when ripe.

Coffee Destinations: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is treasured as being the birthplace of coffee and beans found in this region are some of the most sought after. With the perfect climate and natural surroundings, sweet Arabica beans naturally grow in the country's forests. Native mountain tribes discovered the stimulating effects of the coffee bean centuries ago when only the berries were consumed. Ethiopian beans were later spread by Sufi Islam into the Middle East, popularizing the caffeinated drink.

Coffee Destinations: Guatemala

Nestled in the mysterious lush forest of Central America, Guatemala was once the home of the great Mayan Empire. Their drink of choice was a bitter cocoa, but once coffee took hold, Guatemalans began embracing it with a passion. Today one of Guatemala’s most prized treasures is not only the mystifying ancient past but the rich bold taste of the Guatemalan coffee beans. They have even come up with their own special twists like Flambe Mayan, which is coffee spiced up with liquor and orange.


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