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Enhance Your Workout With Coffee

Need a pre-workout energy boost? Drinking coffee before the gym won’t only perk you up with a caffeine fix, but it can also improve your athletic performance along with other health and fitness benefits.

So next time you consider buying expensive pre-workout formulas or slurping an energy drink, why not consider a hot coffee before your next workout?

Improve your mental focus and get motivated with coffee

How to remove dirt and scale from your Keurig in just a few steps!

The Keurig has become a common device in homes and offices because of its convenience: There’s nothing like popping a K-Cup in and getting an instant cup of hot, fresh coffee. However, there are times when a Keurig isn’t so convenient — specifically, when it starts getting clogged up with grime and scale, then refuses to work properly.


Scale in particular can be frustrating: Water, primarily hard water, has a certain amount of trace minerals floating around in it. These mineral particles tend to react to high temperatures, which force them out of their harmless state and make them bond to nearby surfaces. As this happens over and over, a limestone-like layer, called scale, builds up. It means trouble for your Keurig, because it decreases water flow, makes it impossible to properly measure a cup, and can eventually block up your Keurig completely.


To get rid of scale, avoid nasty odors and mold, and make sure that your Keurig is functioning as flawlessly as possible, it’s important to clean it out. We’ll show you the best way to clean out the coffee maker, where to start, and what materials to use.

Coffee for your health!

The Health Benefits of Coffee - There is good news for those who have the sentiment that they need their comforting and ritualistic cup of coffee every day. Over 150 million Americans consume coffee daily, and starting off your day with a cup of Joe can have actually have some positive health benefits and healing properties.

Home Made Coffee Ground Body Scrub

Next time you’re going to toss your coffee grounds pause for a second and save them to make a wonderful, organic, home-made body scrub! Not only will the scrub exfoliate and smooth your skin, but it will also help tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks … and it smells amazing!

You can make a large batch of this and use it in the shower a couple times a week. Make sure you store the scrub in fridge, for up to 4 weeks. 


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