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Coffee History 101

The Coffee Cherry

For most of us, the first image conjured in our head when anyone mentions coffee is the small brown bean. However, coffee is actually a seed and comes from a bright red berry, called the coffee cherry. Often squeezed into a juice, the flesh of a coffee cherry is surprisingly good and has a melon-like sweetness when ripe.

Coffee Destinations: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is treasured as being the birthplace of coffee and beans found in this region are some of the most sought after. With the perfect climate and natural surroundings, sweet Arabica beans naturally grow in the country's forests. Native mountain tribes discovered the stimulating effects of the coffee bean centuries ago when only the berries were consumed. Ethiopian beans were later spread by Sufi Islam into the Middle East, popularizing the caffeinated drink.

Coffee Destinations: Guatemala

Nestled in the mysterious lush forest of Central America, Guatemala was once the home of the great Mayan Empire. Their drink of choice was a bitter cocoa, but once coffee took hold, Guatemalans began embracing it with a passion. Today one of Guatemala’s most prized treasures is not only the mystifying ancient past but the rich bold taste of the Guatemalan coffee beans. They have even come up with their own special twists like Flambe Mayan, which is coffee spiced up with liquor and orange.

5 Health Benefits of Dragonwell Tea

Also known as Longjing Tea, Dragonwell is China's most renowned green teas. It can only be produced in two regions, Yue Zhou and Qian Tang, and its health benefits are celebrated all over the world. The various nutrients in this excellent tea assist your body in fighting off diseases and strengthening your immune system. Not to mention that its sweet, nutty taste is delicious! 

Coffee Destinations: El  Salvador

Travel is a wanderer’s way to escape the mundane – a way to explore the world, meet diverse faces, and most exhilarating of all, taste exciting new flavors.  El Salvador is flocked with pristine beaches and warm weather, but the real prize is the coffee. Salvadoran coffee farmers pride themselves for their Green Coffee specialty with varieties that include bourbon, pacas, and pacamara. They are also known for their highly guaraded, secret techniques of creating characteristic flavors that have been passed down for generations.

Where to get your cup of Joe?

Cinnamon Vanilla Italian Cappuccino

Have you heard the great news? Angelino’s Coffee is now offering a cappuccino selection and a hot cocoa for a limited time!

And while we are at it, why not include some new mix ideas? I myself am a fan of different texture mixtures in my food but had never thought about mixing my coffees until one day I was handed a magical little cup that smelled like home.

Why Angelino's Coffee Decided to Offer a Sample Trial

Ever since 2013, Angelino's Coffee has been revolutionizing the single cup coffee industry. It's the latest move through, the Sample Pack Trial, that has really set them apart from all other options currently available in the market.

Thousands have tried Angelino's coffee, compelled by the freshly roasted gourmet coffee, low price point, easy ordering process, and free delivery. Customers can setup auto-delivery or create one-time shipments, whichever that suits their needs. Custom shipments are very simple using the easy to use Control Panel available on the member's page. Angelino's is also hard at work constantly making improvements.

7 Things You Can Add Besides Sugar and Cream Coffee Sidekick (sometimes cream and sugar just won’t cut it)

Cream and sugar could get a little boring. At times coffee lovers need something a little more exciting to bring pizazz to their daily drink. We rounded up of a few interesting selections you can try adding to your coffee.

Leaner Creamer

This creamer is the closest and healthiest alternative to the creamer most of us are already use to. Made of coconut oil, the white powder is only 10 calories a serving with only 1g of carbs and it’s sugar-free. Users says it taste just as good as a Coffee Mate creamer and gives your coffee a sweet coconut aroma.

Enhance Your Workout With Coffee

Need a pre-workout energy boost? Drinking coffee before the gym won’t only perk you up with a caffeine fix, but it can also improve your athletic performance along with other health and fitness benefits.

So next time you consider buying expensive pre-workout formulas or slurping an energy drink, why not consider a hot coffee before your next workout?

Improve your mental focus and get motivated with coffee

How to remove dirt and scale from your Keurig in just a few steps!

The Keurig has become a common device in homes and offices because of its convenience: There’s nothing like popping a K-Cup in and getting an instant cup of hot, fresh coffee. However, there are times when a Keurig isn’t so convenient — specifically, when it starts getting clogged up with grime and scale, then refuses to work properly.


Scale in particular can be frustrating: Water, primarily hard water, has a certain amount of trace minerals floating around in it. These mineral particles tend to react to high temperatures, which force them out of their harmless state and make them bond to nearby surfaces. As this happens over and over, a limestone-like layer, called scale, builds up. It means trouble for your Keurig, because it decreases water flow, makes it impossible to properly measure a cup, and can eventually block up your Keurig completely.


To get rid of scale, avoid nasty odors and mold, and make sure that your Keurig is functioning as flawlessly as possible, it’s important to clean it out. We’ll show you the best way to clean out the coffee maker, where to start, and what materials to use.


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